Communicating Sequential Processes

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Communicating Sequential Processes

(language, parallel)
(CSP) A notation for concurrency based on synchronous message passing and selective communications designed by Anthony Hoare in 1978. It features cobegin and coend and was a precursor to occam.

See also Contextually Communicating Sequential Processes.

["Communicating Sequential Processes", A.R. Hoare, P-H 1985].
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For the example we selected for discussion, these are: development of techniques supporting heterogeneous modelling, including both formal "meta-models" and a software laboratory for experimenting with heterogeneous modelling; exploration of methods based on dataflow and process networks, discrete-event systems, synchronous/reactive languages, finite-state machines, and communicating sequential processes; making contributions ranging from fundamental semantics to synthesis of embedded software and custom hardware.
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