Metropolitan Area

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Metropolitan Area


an urban area made up of several cities or of one city and the surrounding communities. Metropolitan areas are a typical form of urbanization in contemporary bourgeois countries, where their rise and development are the result of the chaotic and uncontrolled growth of urban territories under conditions engendered by private landownership and private capitalist enterprise. Greater New York, Tokyo, and London are metropolitan areas.

Metropolitan areas are most common in the USA, where they are officially called standard metropolitan statistical areas. According to official statistics, there are about 240 metropolitan areas in the USA, and 64.3 percent of the country’s population lives in them. For instance, Greater New York has more than 11.4 million inhabitants, and Chicago and Los Angeles, 6 million each. In Great Britain metropolitan areas are usually called conurbations.

In bourgeois metropolitan areas problems connected with the crisis of capitalist cities, including the growth of slums, the increase in crime, unsatisfactory community services and transportation facilities, and pollution have become extremely serious. The difficulty of solving these problems is increased by the fact that, as a rule, bourgeois metropolitan areas lack unified administrative systems. For instance, Greater Chicago has more than 1,100 local agencies operating independently of each other.


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Increasing rents across Dubai started a reverse relocation trend in the second quarter of this year, with budget-sensitive tenants seeking out more affordable accommodation in Sharjah, especially commuter areas such as Al Nadha," said Stevens.
It is not only the South and London commuter areas which suffer from the fare rises.
It will provide a major new railway link connecting central London, the City and Canary Wharf to Heathrow, and to commuter areas east and west of the capital.
According to the information, the new commuter areas are situated 50-100 kilometres from Copenhagen and are largely empty during the daytime.
The situation is worst in the commuter areas in and around Dublin, said Fine Gael spokesman Charlie Flanagan.
WHEN: February 5 - February 23, 2001 (Mondays - Fridays) WHERE: Downtown commuter areas in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.
Property prices in Dublin averaged [euro]321,000 for the first quarter of 2016, compared to homes half that price in outer ring commuter areas.
3) the Crossrail train services will connect the City, Canary Wharf, the West End and Heathrow Airport to commuter areas east and west of London.
COMMUTER areas in Wales could be transformed into "mini-cities" over the next decade due to a proliferation in micro-businesses, claims new research from Bibby Financial Services.
These commuter areas are a great investment opportunity and we can anticipate that the prices at Village Views will appreciate considerably over the coming years.
She added: "While the growth in our property market is to be welcomed, the reality is that equity is not being returned to properties in rural communities as fast as it is in Dublin, its commuter areas and larger urban areas around the country.
Average home values were boosted by the central London market and key commuter areas in the south where demand outstripped supply, Hometrack said.