Metropolitan Area

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Metropolitan Area


an urban area made up of several cities or of one city and the surrounding communities. Metropolitan areas are a typical form of urbanization in contemporary bourgeois countries, where their rise and development are the result of the chaotic and uncontrolled growth of urban territories under conditions engendered by private landownership and private capitalist enterprise. Greater New York, Tokyo, and London are metropolitan areas.

Metropolitan areas are most common in the USA, where they are officially called standard metropolitan statistical areas. According to official statistics, there are about 240 metropolitan areas in the USA, and 64.3 percent of the country’s population lives in them. For instance, Greater New York has more than 11.4 million inhabitants, and Chicago and Los Angeles, 6 million each. In Great Britain metropolitan areas are usually called conurbations.

In bourgeois metropolitan areas problems connected with the crisis of capitalist cities, including the growth of slums, the increase in crime, unsatisfactory community services and transportation facilities, and pollution have become extremely serious. The difficulty of solving these problems is increased by the fact that, as a rule, bourgeois metropolitan areas lack unified administrative systems. For instance, Greater Chicago has more than 1,100 local agencies operating independently of each other.


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The new sales facility for the Emerald Ridge Collection of homes will be directed by Realty Resource Associates at Saw Creek, a local brokerage firm which specializes in home sales at the well-established residential community in Pike County's Bushkill Township in the heart of the Poconos' commuter belt.
Like many other satellite villages around the Dublin commuter belt, Leixlip is fast-becoming a huge sprawl of house after house.
Sitting in leafy Buckingham-shire on the edge of London's commuter belt, watching BBC television on a Sunday evening, is not many people's idea of a trigger for a life of commitment to disadvantaged children on the other side of the world.
WITH house prices rocketing in the South East and those in the West Midlands commuter belt racing to catch up with them, regular commuters to the capital are looking to Northampton for bargain buys.
HOUSE prices are rising so fast in some commuter belt areas that they are "earning" home owners enough to pay for their annual transport to work in just a week, according to property website.
Cairn Homes expects to acquire greenfield or brownfield sites in Ireland that are suitable for residential development, with an emphasis on Dublin and the Dublin commuter belt, as well as in other major urban centres, as appropriate.
Applications are invited for setting up of a Project Manager Framework Panel (2014- 2017) for the engagement of Project Management Services (including associated advisory services) for a Design & Build programme for the delivery in 2016-2018 of approximately 6 15 projects per year in selected locations mainly the Dublin Commuter belt and other major population growth areas.
It also finds 14 local authority areas in the capital and its commuter belt have no affordable properties with at least two bedrooms.
Guildford Crown Court heard that one of the robberies for which Wheatley was jailed at the Old Bailey in October 2002 was on the same branch in the well-to-do Surrey commuter belt town he targeted on May 7.
The growth is not going to come from the commuter belt - its coming from South and East Asia and our diverse population offers an advantage.
And it's the commuter belt communities that are being hit the hardest.
National policy seems hopelessly skewed in favour of London and its commuter belt.