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Official name: Union of the Comoros

Capital city: Moroni

Internet country code: .km

Flag description: Four equal horizontal bands of yellow (top), white, red, and blue with a green isosceles triangle based on the hoist; centered within the triangle is a white crescent with the convex side facing the hoist and four white, five-pointed stars placed vertically in a line between the points of the crescent; the horizontal bands and the four stars represent the four main islands of the archipelago - Mwali, Njazidja, Nzwani, and Mahore (Mayotte - territorial collectivity of France, but claimed by Comoros); the crescent, stars, and color green are tradi­tional symbols of Islam

National anthem: “Udzima Wamasiwa” (Union des Óles), lyrics by Said Hachim Sidi Abderemane, music by Kamil­dine Abdallah et Said Hachim Sidi Abderemane

Geographical description: Southern Africa, group of islands at the northern mouth of the Mozambique Chan­nel, about two-thirds of the way between northern Mada­gascar and northern Mozambique

Total area: 838 sq. mi. (2,171 sq. km.)

Climate: Tropical marine; rainy season (November to May)

Nationality: noun: Comoran(s); adjective: Comoran

Population: 711,417 (July 2007 CIA est.)

Ethnic groups: Antalote, Cafre, Makoa, Oimatsaha, Sakalava

Languages spoken: Arabic (official), French (official), Shikomoro (a blend of Swahili and Arabic)

Religions: Sunni Muslim 98%, Roman Catholic 2%

Legal Holidays:

Cheikh Al Maarouf DayMar 18
Independence DayJul 6
Journee Nationale MaoreNov 12
Labor DayMay 1
New Year's DayJan 1
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Ambassador to Madagascar also is accredited to the Comoros.
She noted to importance of exchange of expertise and training in a way that could contribute to firmness of relations between Comoros and Sudan.
Insurance companies from CIMA member states are permitted to operate in the Comoros without a license.
The Comoros islands and the Arabian Peninsula have a long shared history.
The two discussed economic issues and the bilateral economic relations between Saudi Arabia and the Union of the Comoros.
Khaled Al Housani, UAE non-resident Charge d'Affaires in the Comoros, said the hospital took 12 months to build.
Dhoinine added that the hospital would provide better medical care to people of Comoros, who used to have to travel abroad.
Judeh expressed Jordan's support for the Republic of the Comoros both on the bilateral level and through its membership in the UN Security Council.
Kenya-based safari and private charter airline Fly-SAX said it has launched a new international route to the Union of the Comoros.
However locals refer the to the square as Quartier des Banques because the popular square hosts all of Comoros banks headquarters facing each other.
It offers a detailed analysis of the key sub-segments in the Comoros personal accident and health insurance market, along with market forecasts until 2017
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi underlined Tehran's eagerness to expand relations and cooperation with Comoros.