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(COMPare) An external DOS/Windows command that compares two files of the same size for identical content and reports up to 10 mismatches. The default command displays the mismatched characters and their location in hexadecimal. Adding the /l (line) and /a (ASCII) parameters as in the example below shows the line number of the location and the characters in ASCII text. An alternate compare command is FC (see Fc). See file compare.
comp red.txt green.txt /l /a


1. On drawings, abbr. for “compensate.”
2. On drawings, abbr. for “component.”
3. On drawings, abbr. for “composition.”
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9 P/L 23cm deep brick edging both side of road etc all comp
Steve Pender (33) won division one of another weekend comp from Steve Vaughan (32) and Eddie Stephens (32) and Alan Jones (37) won division two from Barry Evans (34) and Austin Cotton (32).
Provides: Chiropractic, dance class, dental, FICA/MC, health insurance, shoe allowance, worker's comp.
In making this argument, the employees relied upon a legal canon and contended that "the express grant of control to employees to use comp time, subject to the elimination regarding undue disruptions of workplace operation, implies that all other methods of spending comp time are precluded.
Florida business owners need to realize that even though their workers' comp insurance rates are increasing in 2012, their hands are not tied when it comes to controlling the overall cost of their workers' comp coverage.
Our achievement in leading the verification of UL CoMP in TD-LTE is another testament to our undisputed technology leadership in the field of LTE.
Which is fine, except that all too often, a surprisingly small share of victims comp money goes to women and children, while significant amounts are shelled out to adolescent and adult males, many of whom have been injured in barroom brawls or street violence, some of whom have serious criminal records.
Primary tests for whether Stock Comp and Stock Own further the goals of corporate governance should be: Do they tend to induce good directors to become better and bad directors to become good?
2003 pay & bonus: $600,066 2003 long-term comp.
The result was a modest increase in the HFN Comp Sales Average, which rose 2.
Should luxury retailer comp growth decelerate into the low single-digit range, reflecting recent volatility in the financial markets, Fitch expects modest declines in gross margins as comp store inventory growth remains in the low to mid single-digits.

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