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(COMPare) An external DOS/Windows command that compares two files of the same size for identical content and reports up to 10 mismatches. The default command displays the mismatched characters and their location in hexadecimal. Adding the /l (line) and /a (ASCII) parameters as in the example below shows the line number of the location and the characters in ASCII text. An alternate compare command is FC (see Fc). See file compare.
comp red.txt green.txt /l /a


1. On drawings, abbr. for “compensate.”
2. On drawings, abbr. for “component.”
3. On drawings, abbr. for “composition.”
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The employer could require an employee to use the comp time requested "within a reasonable period," and in a way that "does not unduly disrupt the operations of the employer.
Illegal mining is a scourge that must be eliminated, and we are committed to help government achieve this objective in any way we can,' the COMP said.
You also hear the argument that since we have sent millions of our manufacturing jobs offshore that we as a society no longer need workers' comp like we once did.
He scored 35 points to finish one behind John Walker in division one of a Sunday comp with Mike Roe (34) third and then 27 points to finish one behind Morris Jones in a midweek comp with Roy Williams third on a countback.
Provides: Chiropractic, dance class, per diem allowance, physiotherapy, shoe allowance, transportation, worker's comp.
A member of the New Mexico Mutual Group, which the state created to write preferred business to depopulate New Mexico's workers' comp assigned risk pool, wrote personal auto in Arizona and homeowners in both Arizona and New Mexico before state regulators found it was unsound in 2002.
Comp consultants are becoming more aware that their client is the board.
The bill addresses such issues as rising medical and disability costs, subjective standards and excessive litigation, all of which have contributed to increased workers' comp costs.
A year later, comp numbers compare a store open a full 30 or 31 selling days with one open three or four days.
Seeking clarification on what it could or could not do regarding reducing the accumulated comp time of its employees, Harris County wrote a letter to the Department of Labor (DOL) asking "whether the Sheriff may schedule non-exempt employees to use or take comp time.
It can involve employers who buy no workers comp insurance policies and, therefore, pay no workers comp insurance premiums at all, or it can involve employers who buy policies but lower the cost of their premiums in fraudulent ways.

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