Compact fluorescent lamp

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fluorescent bulb

A light source consisting of a long glass tube containing mercury in a partial vacuum. Available in many lengths and several diameters, the tube is lined with a fluorescent phosphor. When the mercury is excited by electricity, it emits ultraviolet (UV) light, which causes the phosphor to emit visible light. Fluorescent lamps have been widely used in commercial buildings for decades, because they use considerably less power and last much longer than incandescent lighting. However, due to their tubular design and cooler color temperatures, they have not been generally welcome in the home.

The Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL)
Compact fluorescents are designed to replace the standard incandescent bulb and screw into everyday table lamps and lighting fixtures. They are available in soft, warm hues like incandescent bulbs. See fluorescence, incandescent bulb, halogen bulb, LED bulb and color temperature.

CFL Coils and U's
Instead of straight tubes, coiled and U-shaped CFL tubes screw into the standard Edison base in incandescent lamps and fixtures. See Edison base.
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Compact fluorescent lamp

Fluorescent light bulb in which the tube is folded or twisted into a spiral to concentrate the light output. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are typically three to four times as efficient as incandescent light bulbs and last 8–10 times as long. CFLs combine the efficiency of fluorescent light with the convenience of an Edison or screw-in base, and new types have been developed that better mimic the light quality of incandescents. Not all CFLs can be dimmed, and frequent on-off cycling can shorten their life. Concerns have been raised over the mercury content of CFLs, and though they have been deemed safe, proper recycling and disposal are encouraged.
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The effect of the acetaminophen concentration on the decomposition of this compound with compact fluorescent lamp radiation was studied as follows: solutions of acetaminophen with various concentrations were prepared, and these solutions at the previous optimum conditions (5 mL volume, 10 cm distance and 120 minutes exposure time) were exposed to the radiation.
Cavotec ME, the Middles East's exclusive distributor of Aura Light International AB, the global leader in Long Life lighting technology, today announces the launch of compact fluorescent lamps, as part of their Long Life light source series.
Once a consumer tries out a Compact Fluorescent Lamp and is convinced about it's major benefits, the product would take roots in Pakistan.
"The importance of this campaign is to inform people about the benefit of the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), which saves up to 80 percent [on lighting costs], lasts 10 times longer than regular ones and reduces CO2 emissions," said Rola Khazen, LCEC's marketing and information coordinator.
A 13-watt compact fluorescent lamp produces the light output equivalent of a 75-watt A-19 incandescent lamp, uses 70 percent less energy, and lasts 10 times longer.
For each maintenance call required to change a compact fluorescent lamp, managers will have to make 10 service calls to change incandescent lamps.
Then buy a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) with 20 percent more lumens than the incandescent bulb you want to replace.
The 7w compact fluorescent lamp, with integral electronic ballast, has a depth of less than 25mm, low thermal load and is ideal for recessing into shallow voids.

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