Comparable Output

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Comparable Output


the commodity output of an industrial enterprise that is produced on the basis of mass or serial production in both the current period and the base period adopted for comparison. The index of comparable output is used to analyze the actual dynamics of the prime cost of industrial output and to establish plan targets for its reduction. The comparable output designated for a planning period is estimated on the basis of the average annual prime cost of the base year and the planned prime cost of the current year. The difference between the two represents the planned savings from reducing prime costs. The ratio of the savings to the average annual prime cost during the base year represents the percentage reduction in the prime cost.

The composition of the comparable output depends on the object of statistical study—an enterprise, an association, or a sector, for example. There are no comparative figures for items recently introduced into production at a particular enterprise, but similar items may have been put into production at other enterprises in the same sector. On a sectorwide level, therefore, newly introduced output constitutes an element of comparable output. In machine building, comparable output includes machines, units, and semifinished products of a certain type, and in the textile industry, particular types of fabrics and yarn of a particular count, for example. The proportion of comparable output in commodity output is up to 100 percent in the coal, petroleum, gas, and electric power industries; up to 90–95 percent in metallurgy, light industry, and food processing; and up to 60–30 percent in machine building.


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And they both expect premium unleaded, but mid-20s miles per gallon (what you can expect to average) is better than the high teens you'd probably average with a bigger engine of comparable output.
The devices provide a high output signal at a low operating voltage, maintaining comparable output levels to traditional equivalent basic sensing elements.
It's about one-tenth the size of a steam turbine of comparable output, and has the potential to be 50% efficient at turning heat into electricity.
In the meantime, renewable energy firms, which mop up those subsidies now so firmly in the firing line of David Cameron, say they could produce an installation of comparable output to a new nuclear power station in two years.
The laser, which has comparable output to a simple presentation pointer, potentially has the sensitivity and selectivity to canvas large areas and detect improvised explosive devices - weapons that account for around 60 percent of coalition soldiers' deaths.
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However, the combination of GDI homogenous charge and turbocharging has resulted in downsized engines that don't feel downsized, but bring a reduction in fuel consumption of 10% or more when judged against an engine of comparable output. That's why you see a GDI 2.0-liter inline four in place of a 3.0-liter V6 at some automakers.
Compared with conventional, separately driven rubber gear pumps, at comparable output capacity, the gear spindles of the inline pump can be manufactured at lower cost, and therefore can be offered at a lower, more attractive price.
In LaBute's affectless blue-collar milieu--this play makes the comparable output of, say, Rebecca Gilman seem positively cheery--characters act less on impulse or instinct than in predictable accordance with a scabrous dramatic canon.