Compensating Devices

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Compensating Devices


in a power system, devices designed to compensate the network’s reactive parameters (for example, AC transmission-line parameters) and the reactive power consumed by loads and the system’s components.

The compensating devices used in power transmission lines can be sets of electric capacitors connected in line or electric reactors or synchronous compensators connected across-the-line and set up at the line’s terminal or intermediate substations. Compensating devices of this kind are used to increase the carrying capacity of the power line and to improve the line’s technical and economic indexes of operation (for example, to reduce losses of active power and maintain the required voltage values under varying loads).

The reactive power consumed by loads (for example, asynchronous motors and electrolytic units) and the system’s components is compensated by connecting across-the-line sets of electric capacitors, overexcited synchronous compensators, and synchronous motors. Compensating devices of this kind are designed to provide the required reactive power at desired voltages and to reduce losses of active power within the network’s components.

Controlled compensating devices (controlled sets of capacitors, synchronous compensators, and motors with automatic excitation control) are also used as automatic voltage regulation devices. The power rating and placement of compensating devices are determined by the technical and economic criteria calculated.


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