Compensation Point

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compensation point

[‚käm·pən′sā·shən ‚pȯint]
The light intensity at which the amount of carbon dioxide released in respiration equals the amount used in photosynthesis, and the amount of oxygen released in photosynthesis equals the amount used in respiration.
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Compensation Point


in plants, a physiological indicator of the light intensity at which a leafs absorption of CO2 during photosynthesis balances its production of CO2 during respiration. The compensation point of sciophilous plants is significantly lower than that of photophilic plants. Sometimes the term “compensation point” refers to the combination of the general conditions of light and temperature as a result of which the plant’s formation and consumption of organic matter are balanced over a 24-hour period.

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The CPET variables analyzed were oxygen uptake expressed in L/min ([VO.sub.2]), in percentage of predicted, or in metabolic equivalents (METs) at peak effort, anaerobic threshold (AT), and the respiratory compensation point (RCP) when achieved, Dioxide Carbon output in L/min ([VCO.sub.2]) and minute ventilation in L/min (VE).
Light saturation point ([L.sub.sp]), light compensation point ([L.sub.cp]), dark respiration ([R.sub.d]), initial slope (IS), stomatal conductance ([g.sub.s]) and transpiration rate (E) at [A.sub.max] are in Table 1.
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X-value is the corresponding first compensation point.
light saturation point (QA), and light compensation point ([Q.sub.O])
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Three specific parameters (light compensation point, light saturation point, and maximum Pn) for each treatment are presented in Table 4.
Consequently, photosynthetic rates, light saturation point, light compensation point, respiration, conductance, and transpiration were expected to be low when compared to sun adapted plants.
There were no significant differences between sun and shade leaves for the light compensation point, transpiration rates, leaf water potential, leaf mass or leaf area.

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