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by Soviet law, work exceeding the established duration of work time. Overtime is assigned only under exceptional conditions, for example, national military threat, natural disasters and other emergencies endangering human life, accidents at work and related consequences, and sudden malfunctions of water or gas pipes or heating, lighting, sewage, transportation, or communications systems. A person may work overtime if the worker who is to relieve him fails to appear, or if his work does not allow an interruption. The permission of the factory, plant, or local trade union committee is necessary in all cases.

Persons not permitted to work overtime include pregnant women, mothers who are breast feeding, women with children under the age of one, and workers under the age of 18. Workers enrolled in secondary general-education schools and vocational-technical schools may not work overtime on days when they have classes. The handicapped and women with children between the ages of one and eight may be assigned to work overtime only if they so agree. Overtime should not exceed four hours in the course of two consecutive days or 120 hours a year for a given worker.

Workers who receive time-rate wages are paid time and a half for the first two hours overtime and double time for subsequent hours; those who receive piece rate wages receive in addition a certain percentage of the tariff system applied to workers engaged in similar work but receiving time-rate wages: 50 percent for the first two hours overtime and 100 percent for subsequent hours. In those sectors of the national economy where uniform tariff systems have been set for both types of wages, workers receive an additional 37.5 percent of the rate for the first 2 hours overtime and 75 percent for subsequent hours. Persons who work below ground in coal mines, whether the mine is in operation or under construction, receive an extra 25 percent of the tariff system for the first two hours overtime and 50 percent for subsequent hours. Compensation for overtime may not be given in the form of time off.

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The number of hours worked on a building project in excess of the number agreed upon for any single day or for any one week.
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