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(Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) An organization offering local telephone service that is not one of the traditional telephone companies. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 allowed competition to the incumbent telcos (ILECs), enabling new companies (CLECs) to offer voice and data services via both landline and wireless delivery. Many specialize in one type such as fixed wireless or DSL, while others offer a range of services. Although the ILECs were required to offer their facilities and last-mile transport to the CLECs at a fair cost, many did not make the process simple or expedient.

Although most CLECs are established as a telecommunications service organization, any large company, university or city government has the option of becoming a CLEC and supplying its own employees with telephone service at reduced cost. It must have a telephone switch, satisfy state regulations, pay significant filing fees and also make its services available to outside customers. See ILEC, BLEC, ELEC and TELRIC.

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Consumer and business end-user markets' mounting interest in bundled services is one of the leading drivers of the continued growth of the competitive local exchange carriers (CLEC) market.
If you are interested in a virtual brochure, which provides manufacturers, end-users and other industry participants an overview of the latest analysis of the Competitive Local Exchange Carriers -- then send an email to Mireya Castilla -- Corporate Communications at mireya.
eXchange @ 200 Paul, the first premier marketplace combining the most advanced carrier hotel and colocation facilities for network providers and enterprises, today announced agreements with two competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs), Telekenex and Creative Interconnect.
Pannaway's Primary Line Partner Program is designed to help rural independent operating carriers (IOCs), competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) and municipality broadband providers establish a competitive advantage over local cable, wireless and satellite providers through the availability of the industry's most innovative and reliable next-generation VoIP solution.
The MetaSwitch also positions ACS to be able to provide superior wholesale services to other competitive local exchange carriers, further fuelling growth.
Twomey where he represents competitive local exchange carriers and Internet service providers.
com) has announced the addition of Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs): Overcoming Mass Destruction to their offering.
Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs): Overcoming Mass Destruction provides an in-depth analysis of success strategies and pitfalls to avoid for CLECs as well as in-depth profiles of 26 players.
is a provider of "Best of Breed" products used to deliver high performance integrated networking solutions and services to Telephone Companies, Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Enterprise Users and power companies.
Specializing in the service provider space related to the Internet, Dynavar does extensive work with Telephone Companies, Competitive Local Exchange Carriers, and Internet Service Providers across North America and abroad.

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