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His right name was Compeyson; and that's the man, dear boy, what you see me a-pounding in the ditch, according to what you truly told your comrade arter I was gone last night.
"He set up fur a gentleman, this Compeyson, and he'd been to a public boarding-school and had learning.
"Compeyson, he looks at me very noticing, and I look at him.
"'To judge from appearances, you're out of luck,' says Compeyson to me.
"'Luck changes,' says Compeyson; 'perhaps yours is going to change.'
"Compeyson laughed, looked at me again very noticing, giv me five shillings, and appointed me for next night.
"I went to Compeyson next night, same place, and Compeyson took me on to be his man and pardner.
"There was another in with Compeyson, as was called Arthur - not as being so chrisen'd, but as a surname.
So I begun wi' Compeyson, and a poor tool I was in his hands.
"Says Compeyson: 'Why, you fool, don't you know she's got a living body?
"Compeyson spoke hardy, but he was always a coward.
"Compeyson's wife and me took him up to bed agen, and he raved most dreadful.