Compiled HTML

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Compiled HTML

(filename extension)
A Microsoft file format for distributing a collection of HTML files, along with their associated images, sounds, etc., as a single compressed archive file.

Microsoft use this format for Windows HTML Help files. Most chms include a project (.hhp) file listing the included files and basic settings, a contents (.hhc) file, an index (.hhk) file, html files, and, optionally, image files.

Users view chms with hh.exe, the HTML Help viewer installed with Internet Explorer.

Filename extension: .chm.
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The system also works with DocProtect to protect PDF files, slide shows, video, audio and EPUB files or compiled HTML based applications.
Catalin Cosoi adds, "Chm is an extension for the Compiled HTML file format, a type of file used to deliver user manuals along with software applications.
Users can automatically create compiled HTML Help systems that can be distributed as a single file, as well as Web-based publications that employ sophisticated navigational controls, such as an expanding/contracting table of contents and index.