Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles

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Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles


The Complete Collection includes the Laurentian (vol. 1), Hypatian (vol. 2), Novgorod I-V (vols. 3-4, 30), Sofia I—II (vols. 5-6), Pskov II (vol. 5), Voskresensk (vols. 7-8), and Nikon (vols. 9-14) chronicles and the New Chronicle (vol. 14), the Tver’ Codex (vol. 15), the Rogozhskii Chronicle (vol. 15, fase. 1), the Chronicle of Avraamka (vol. 16), the Western Russian [Lithuanian] Chronicle (vol. 17), and the Simeon Chronicle (vol. 18). Other chronicles in the collection are The History of the Kazan Kingdom (vol. 19), the L’vov Chronicle (vol. 20), The Book of Degrees (vol. 21), the Ermolin Chronicle (vol. 23), the Tipografskaia Chronicle (vol. 24), the Moscow compilation of the late 15th century (vol. 25), the Vologda-Perm’ Chronicle (vol. 26), the Nikanor Chronicle and other materials (vol. 27), the Uvarov Chronicle and other materials (vol. 28), The Chronicle of the Beginning of the Reign, the Aleksander Nevsky and Lebedev chronicles (vol. 29), and the Vladimir Chronicle (vol. 30).


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The two great compilations of this period, the Nikonovskii svod (Nik.) and the LLS, have often been treated as a unit, not least when the editors of Polnoe sobranie russkikh letopisei (The Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles) decided to publish the last two volumes of the LLS as a continuation of Nik.

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