Complex Structures

Complex Structures


stonework construction (walls, piers, columns) reinforced with ferroconcrete elements that work together with the masonry.

Complex structures are used when significantly increased supporting power is required for stone constructions without an increase in dimension. This is particularly important for the walls of buildings in earthquake-prone regions. The advantage of complex structures over those of stone alone is greater strength. However, complex construction requires more labor than construction with precast reinforced concrete.


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The source told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that: "taking over the complex structures and the University of Fallujah will increase the siege imposed on the Amiriyat Fallujah.
In a move to prevent the recurrence of the financial crisis of 2008, the Indian central bank has said that foreign banks operating in the nation with complex structures can only operate via wholly owned subsidiaries (WOS).
Nanoscale self-assembly devices are complex structures organized from simpler subcomponents - either naturally occurring or engineered - which assume complex structures difficult to attain by chemical synthesis," said the paper's corresponding author Dr.
This is an unusual example of 'self-assembly', a process which underpins biology and allows complex structures to assemble from more simple building blocks.
CRELUX and ProQinase have entered into a joint agreement to supply customers with crystal-grade protein kinases and readily available kinase complex structures.
Our ability to balance sheet a $242M mixed use property demonstrates our flexibility and our willingness to handle complex structures on large transactions and our desire to be a top lender in the market.
The branched string is really a simple analogue of the more complex structures found in things like plates and curved shells--bars, cymbals, bells, and gongs," he notes.
Following master craftsman Acton through his simply incredible collection of matchstick creations, Matchstick Marvels reveals how millions of matchsticks were used to build a diverse variety of complex structures including a white-house model, trains, planes, boats, and so much more.
For author Steven Johnson, the value of video games comes from "the mental exercise of solving these puzzles or keeping track of these complex structures.
The cover title reads Spatial-Energy Principles of Complex Structures Formation.
Melt viscosity is very low, so high clamp force is not necessary to produce complex structures.
Two questions we are left with are whether these observations are specific to this particular location, where human transmission is relatively infrequent, and whether regions with high prevalence of human cryptosporidiosis will show more complex structures in both species.

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