Complex Structures

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Complex Structures


stonework construction (walls, piers, columns) reinforced with ferroconcrete elements that work together with the masonry.

Complex structures are used when significantly increased supporting power is required for stone constructions without an increase in dimension. This is particularly important for the walls of buildings in earthquake-prone regions. The advantage of complex structures over those of stone alone is greater strength. However, complex construction requires more labor than construction with precast reinforced concrete.


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Instead of serried rows of bees sealing up every gap in the combs and keeping the brood warm, he sees the skillful complex structures of the combs, but no longer in their former state of purity.
I cannot refrain from once again remarking on the singularity of these complex structures -- a great sandy and generally concave disk rises abruptly from the unfathomable ocean, with its central expanse studded, and its edge symmetrically bordered with oval basins of coral-rock just lipping the surface of the sea, sometimes clothed with vegetation, and each containing a lake of clear water!
The grammar begins with preliminaries of phonology and words and formatives, then covers nouns and their projections, verbs and statives, sentence structure, and complex structures. Her final section contains not only sample texts but also explanations of such matters as saliency and animacy hierarchies, and manipulating participants in discourse.
[ClickPress, Mon Oct 01 2018] 3D printing technology, also referred to as additive manufacturing, is a manufacturing technology used for the production of complex structures and smaller designs.
The system also enables large-area and 3D-shape sampling to allow for more comprehensive testing of complex structures.
When the TV/PSO-GRNN nonlinear regression function is applied to evaluate the time-varying reliability of complex structure replacing the FE model, this mathematical model is called as TV/PSO-GRNN method, which is suitable to fulfill the reliability-based fatigue life prediction of complex structures.
Viola, who will be based in WSP's New York City office, will be responsible for pursuit and project delivery for complex structures, including long-span, movable and concrete segmental bridges, as well as bridge asset management.
Non-stationary, transient vibration phenomena of complex structures require the synchronous acquisition of the real-time motion of a relevant, representative number of sample points.
Pilots claim the airline imposes complex structures in which many are classed as self employed.
However, as important as crosslinking is, uniform crosslinking with precise control is difficult, especially for complex structures with varying thicknesses and materials.

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