Component Object Model

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Component Object Model

(COM) An open software architecture from DEC and Microsoft, allowing interoperation between ObjectBroker and OLE. Microsoft evolved COM into DCOM.

On page XV of Box's book in the foreword by Charlie Kindel he says, "It is Mark Ryland's fault that some people call COM the 'Common Object Model.' He deeply regrets it and apologizes profusely."

["Essential COM", Don Box].

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Microsoft will use OLE DB (object linking and embedding database), for instance, as a method to enable database objects on the front-end of an application to map to a SQL Server database on the back-end of an application through DCOM, Microsoft's Distributed Component Object Model.
Component Object Model lets developers create standard, reusable software components to encapsulate and standardize functions common to any application
Microsoft's Distributed Component Object Model is a key-enabling technology which is language-neutral and runs on multiple platforms working natively with various Internet technologies.

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