Composite Chart

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Composite Chart

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A composite chart is a form of synastry in which the horoscopes of two individuals (or of some other entity, such as a corporation) being compared are overlaid, the midpoints between the planets and the house cusps calculated, and a third chart generated consisting entirely of these midpoints. For example, if one individual’s Sun was located at 15° Scorpio and the other person’s Sun at 15° Virgo, the Sun in the composite chart would be placed at 15° Libra. The same operation is carried out for all of the planets and houses.

A composite chart, like other methods of chart comparison, is supposed to reveal how two different people or entities interact. Many astrologers, however, have criticized the composite method, finding it less than satisfactory for uncovering interpersonal dynamics. An alternative interpretation is that, rather than providing insight into the interpersonal dimension, the composite chart shows how the pair of people in the relationship operate together in the world. According to this line of interpretation, a composite chart would provide insight into the “personality” of a marriage or the “personality” of a business partnership.

All major astrological software programs will calculate a composite chart, and many software companies also market report programs that interpret composite charts.

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