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(1) A dessert made of fresh, frozen, or dried fruits and berries that have been stewed in water with sugar.

(2) Canned fruits (peaches, plums, sweet cherries) appropriately prepared and covered with a sugary syrup. They are stored in sterilized and hermetically sealed glass jars.

(3) A mixture of dried fruits (apples, raisins, apricots, pears, prunes, and cherries).

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Don't forget to leave some blackcurrant compote for garnishing.
Any kind of soft fruits are great for the compote, berries are great but so are things like pineapple and melon if you want to go a bit more tropical.
Remove the orange peel and set the compote aside until ready to serve.
TO SERVE Make a base with the crumble, scoop the shirkhand on to the crumble and drizzle the compote over.
Tim Mead, Managing Director of Yen Valley said: "Since spring, all of our products have had new packaging designed to illustrate the delicious Yeo Valley taste and our creams and compotes are the latest to undergo this refreshed look.
The compote should taste just a bit cloying on the stove, that's how you will know you've added enough sugar.
Among the main dishes will be spring chicken with morels, root vegetables and potatoes, served in parchment, followed by chilled Bienenstich ('bee-sting' cake) with rhubarb compote.
Guests including Victoria Beckham and Madonna were treated to a five-course menu including risotto, black sea bass, pear compote and puffed chocolate tartlet.
9 -- Le garnir avec la compote de poires jusqu'Ea 3 centimE tres du bord.
Roasted black bass or black cod ($28) with batter-coated anchovies, an olive tapenade and red pepper compote tends to make the fish somewhat subordinate to its accompaniments.
Olson follows six students from the local level to the international competition, where they compote with 500 other high school students from 82 countries.
Additions to the Wilton compote fine include a patterned fruit compote at $75.