Compound Periodontitis

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Periodontitis, Compound


(also pyorrhea alveolaris), a systemic disease of the tissues surrounding the teeth—the periodontium—that is manifested by progressive atrophy of the alveolar processes and dental alveoli. Compound periodontitis and other diseases of the periodontium are widespread, but their causes have not been precisely determined.

Diabetes mellitus and other endocrine disorders and chronic diseases of the viscera are often accompanied by compound periodontitis. The course of the disease is exacerbated by deposits of tartar and poor oral hygiene. The symptoms in the early stages are slight: bleeding gums, sticky saliva, and a coating on the teeth in the morning. When the course is accelerated, rapid atrophy of the alveolar processes results in loss of teeth. Other clinical symptoms arise with more complicated forms of the disease, including inflammation of the gums, purulent discharges from gingival pockets, an unpleasant odor in the mouth, and pathological looseness and shifting of teeth. Abscesses and fistulas in the gums and enlargement and tenderness of the submaxillary lymph nodes are common. Complicated forms of compound periodontitis may be accompanied by microbial allergy. Roent-genographic examination and laboratory tests are needed for early detection of the disease.

Treatment of compound periodontitis must be comprehensive and adapted to the individual case. The choice of therapeutic measures depends on the stage of the disease, the nature of the complications, and the patient’s general health. Local agents, vitamin C, vitamins of the B complex, anabolic and sex hormones, and nonspecific stimulants of biological origin are useful, as are surgical and orthopedic intervention, dietetic treatment, health-resort therapy, and mental relaxation. The disease can be prevented by including hard foods in the diet, using all teeth in mastication, and promptly filling cavities and removing dental deposits.


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