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Compound Word


a word consisting of no fewer than two stems, each having a full lexical meaning, that together form a structural and semantic unit. Compound words are formed by joining two or more autonomous words (content) or the stems of these words into a complex whole according to a certain lexical pattern, as with the Russian words teploprovod (“hot-water pipe,” “steam pipe”), avianosets (“aircraft carrier”) and vertolet (“helicopter”). They may also be formed by nominalization, that is, by contraction and semantic compression of a syntactic construction (a word combination or clause); an example is found in the English “crybaby,” formed from “a baby cries.”

Compound words differ from word combinations or affixal derivatives graphically in that they are written as single words and phonetically in that they have a single strong stress. Morphologically they are distinct in that their parts are sometimes joined by a special connective morpheme, as with the Russian par-o-khod (“steamship”) and the German Nahrung-s-mittel (“means of nourishment”). There are also certain semantic features peculiar to compound words. Compound words can be classified on the basis of the relationship between their component parts. In German, the Scandinavian languages, and many other European languages, compound words are created in speech as readily as are word combinations; they are ad hoc in character and are not always recorded in dictionaries.


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(3) The compound word panchatantra literally stands for five ways in which one can get on.
This word for example may be 'sun' which means that the second player then has to run across to the basket and find the other half of the compound word which may be 'set' or 'day'.
Combining two words to create a new descriptive compound word can be a good way to create a completely original name.
Others argue the point that Ghana is a compound word [Ga-na] meaning 'warrior king' derived from Ouagadougou.
"Mersey" is an Anglo-Saxon compound word made up of "maeres" (boundary) and "ea" (river).
"My favourite German compound word: Verschlimmbesserung - to make something worse while trying to make it better" - Buzzfeed editor-in-chief Janine Gibson is worried by Angela Merkel's suggestion of holding another election.
For an instance, it is only a probe into the history of words (etymology) that would reveal that disease was once a compound word, dis + ease = dis-ease, (Bender 2000).
Most farms, at least mine, only seem to observe the second half of the compound word fireworks.
This is where tmesis comes in: the splitting of a compound word by an intervening word, usually for emphasis, often obscenely - most famously, Eliza Doolittle's fanbloody-tastic and abso-bloominglutely in Shaw's Pygmalion.
N+N [right arrow] N compounding with antonymous words jer + sub: In the Dictionary of the Old Turkic Language, the meaning of the compound word is given as 'land' or'continent'.
Once the word root is found, the word is further analyzed to determine whether it is a compound word, combining word, singular, plural, abbreviation or acronym.
Recent exposure to a compound word facilitates the subsequent processing of its constituents (Masson & MacLeod 1992; Sandra 1990; Weldon 1991; Whittlesea & Brooks 1988).