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Survey, Comprehensive


in statistics, a survey in which all units without exception of the set under study (object of observation) undergo inspection. Examples of comprehensive surveys include a population census and census of small-scale industry. Current statistical reports based on accounting are also a type of comprehensive survey, since they encompass all socialist enterprises and organizations without exception for the purpose of checking upon the fulfillment of the state plans.

Simultaneous surveys are one kind of comprehensive survey. For example, a simultaneous survey of workers and employees of industrial enterprises was taken in the USSR during the Great Patriotic War; the resulting data were used to rationally distribute and utilize personnel. The Central Statistical Board of the USSR takes twice every five years (1) a simultaneous survey of the number of workers by trade or profession, wage category, and payments system; (2) a simultaneous survey of workers and employees by sex, age, and length of service; and (3) a yearly survey of specialists possessing higher and secondary specialized education.

Nonsampling errors, that is, the divergences between the observed values and the actual values of the phenomena being studied, occur during comprehensive surveys. Such errors appearing as a consequence of different random causes (incorrect statements by the respondents, random interchanging of digits) are called random errors. Errors arising as a consequence of specific causes are said to be systematic errors (for example, rounding off the age of the population). The data from comprehensive survevs are controlled and verified from the standpoint of completeness of coverage of the object and from the standpoint of quality. Thus, a comprehensive survey of livestock will be followed by a sampling taken from 10 to 20 percent of the sovkhozes, kolkhozes, and households in order to verify the completeness of the coverage.


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It was quite unnecessary to call Samuel Weller; for Samuel Weller stepped briskly into the box the instant his name was pronounced; and placing his hat on the floor, and his arms on the rail, took a bird's-eye view of the Bar, and a comprehensive survey of the Bench, with a remarkably cheerful and lively aspect.
Underlining the importance of heath projects in Gilgit Baltistan, he said a comprehensive survey was also being carried out in Gilgit Baltistan regarding provision of educational and health facilities in the area.
On an ongoing basis the bureau analyzes local, state and national economies; provides annual income, employment and population forecasts; conducts extensive research on forest products, manufacturing, health care and Montana KIDS COUNT; designs and conducts comprehensive survey research at its on-site call center; presents annual economic outlook seminars in cities throughout Montana; and publishes the award-winning Montana Business Quarterly.
NNA - Deputy Prime Minister and caretaker Minister of Public Health, Ghassan Hasbani, received a delegation of administrative inspectors, headed by Inspector General, Fadi Hedmous, who briefed him on the plan of the General Administrative Inspectorate to study the regulatory conditions of government hospitals and conduct a comprehensive survey in order to control their work and activate the performance of their employees within a period of two months.
The National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) today will start an annual comprehensive survey of foreign investments in Oman during the financial year 2017.
MUSCAT: The National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) will conduct on Sunday its annual comprehensive survey of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Oman during the financial year ended 2017.
A COMPREHENSIVE survey of a remote south Atlantic island is being conducted to confirm if invasive rats have successfully been eradicated.
KARACHI -- The Sindh Assembly Tuesday was informed that no any comprehensive survey of existing Katchi Abadies had been conducted.
Understanding OCD: A Guide for Parents and Professionals provides a comprehensive survey of various childhood obsessive disorders, treatment options, and their symptoms and related illnesses, providing parents of a child newly diagnosed with OCD with a toolbox explaining the latest diagnostic procedures and what they mean in terms of treatment outcomes.
KUWAIT, Aug 27 (KUNA) -- A comprehensive survey of Kuwait Bay on Saturday has found minimal fish deaths, the Environment Public Authority (EPA) announced, adding that there have been sporadic cases of fish washed up on shore.
Riyadh, Sha'ban 01, 1437, May 08, 2016, SPA -- In cooperation with the concerned authorities, Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage has paid an early interest attention to the development and investment in the islands in the Kingdom, and prepared a comprehensive survey of the islands, their components, priorities of investment in tourism field, and set developmental plans for a number of tourist islands.

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