Compressor Plant

Compressor Plant


the equipment required for producing compressed air or other gas. Compressor plants may be of the stationary or mobile types.

Stationary compressor plants use single-stage or multistage air compression. The main parts of a stationary compressor plant using single-stage air compression are the filter, compressor, motor, and air duct. In addition, compressor plants also include valves and dampers, measuring instruments (pressure gauges, thermometers, and so on), safety and check valves, and automatic signaling and control devices. Compressor plants with multistage compression have intermediate air coolers. The main units of a compressor plant have a circulation system in which lubricant is supplied by a gear pump through an oil filter and cooler. One or more stationary compressor plants, together with the building in which they are installed, constitute a compressor station.

Mobile compressor units are usually mounted on a trailer or truck chassis. They consist of a compressor (usually of the air-cooled reciprocating type), an internal-combustion engine, and an air intake with a filter and a small tank (receiver), to which several rubberized hoses are connected for supplying the compressed air to equipment that requires it, such as pneumatic tools.

Electric motors, internal-combustion engines (including gas turbines), and steam turbines are used to drive the compressors of compressor plants.

Compressor plants are used in blast-furnace plants, steel foundries, machine-building plants, construction sites, natural-gas pipelines, and enterprises in the mining, petroleum-refining, and chemical industries.


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in the Current Context, the Air Needs to Be Modernized By Replacing Old Air Compressors and Compressor Plant with New and Professional, Performing A New Installation Air Equipped with the Necessary Equipment to Produce Compressed Air Installations in Adequate Conditions of New Gas Compression Provided.
HVCC also received the "2014 Best Worksite" in the automobile sector for its Pyeongtaek compressor plant in Korea.
GE's Waukesha gas engines technology increases local natural gas compression and distribution while also meeting cleaner energy requirements," said Liu Hu, director of CNPC Jichai Power Equipment Company Chengdu Compressor Plant, which developed the new compression package.
The Gazprom logo is seen on a platform at the gas compressor plant in Volokolamsk, Russia (file).
NEW YORK: ExxonMobil reported a pump in the gas compressor plant failed at its 344,500 barrel-per-day refinery in Beaumont, Texas.
Chen pointed out that he recently met with TCL Group Chairman Li Dongshen to discuss a joint venture deal between Rechi and TCL to set up a rotary compressor plant in Wuhan of the mainland, to support TCL's plan to open an air-conditioner factory in Wuhan.
The compressor plant of Beni Saf, fed by GZ4 pipeline from Hassi R'mel (Laghouat), is "quite ready" to pump gas to Spain's south, said Mohamed Tayeb Cherif, the regional manager of the pipeline transport company (TRC), a Sonatrach's subsidiary.
As per PPL officials, the supply line was supplying gas to Sui compressor plant and unknown miscreants attacked on gas pipeline and damaged 8-inch gas pipeline.
won a contract from MOL Hungarian Oil & Gas plc to deliver gas-engine mechanical drives and auxiliary equipment for a compressor plant for underground gas storage at Szoreg, in the Csongrad region of southern Hungary.
This is in addition to the existing reciprocating compressor plant, which has a capacity of 900,000 units per annum.
Together these enable testing not only of the rotation and performance of the compressor itself but also of comprehensive compressor plant operation by actually connecting compressors and a steam turbine driving the compressors.
The chemical in question is hexavalent chromium, also known as chromium 6, which was used by PG&E to control corrosion inside water-cooling towers at the company's Topock natural-gas compressor plant near Needles.

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