Compressor Station

compressor station

[kəm′pres·ər ‚stā·shən]
(mechanical engineering)
A permanent facility which increases the pressure on gas to move it in transmission lines or into storage.
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Compressor Station


a plant at various industrial enterprises and construction sites for producing compressed air or gas that is used as a power-carrier (air for driving pneumatic tools or gas for heating) or as a raw material for producing various products (oxygen from air or ammonia from a nitrogen-hydrogen mixture). A compressor station usually includes a main building, which houses the compressors and auxiliary equipment—such as tanks for the compressed air; gas collectors; water-supply, air-intake, and cooling units; and pipelines for hot and cold water, sewage, and steam.The station also has transformer substations and living quarters for workers. Compressor stations are usually housed in separate buildings with fireproof roofing and not readily combustible walls. They are sometimes located in an annex of an industrial building (if the building does not have potentially explosive or flammable production processes and if the noise and vibrations created by the equipment do not interfere with these processes).


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The implementation of commissioning is the most critical part of a compressor station project, which could include acceptance tests, cleaning activities, pre-commissioning, commissioning punch-listing, core commissioning activities and handover to the operation.
Statoil is awaiting final testing before preparing for the installation and hook-up in the North Sea of the world's first subsea wet gas compressor station to the Gullfaks C platform next year.
Anticipated capital cost of the projects totals $782 million, which includes horsepower and piping modifications at existing stations, and a new compressor station on the Broad Run Lateral, all in West Virginia; two new TGP mainline compressor stations in Tennessee and Kentucky; and modifications to five existing mainline compressor stations in Kentucky.
Installation of the first gas compressor unit (GCU) was carried out late last year at the Russkaya compressor station (CS) in the Krasnodar Territory in Russia's southernmost region.
NiSource Midstream Services has completed a compressor upgrade project at its Majorsville compressor station in Dallas, WV.
The Medgaz gas pipeline started delivering natural gas in March 2011 from the gas compressor station on the Algerian coast to the receiving terminal in Spain.

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