Compressor Station

compressor station

[kəm′pres·ər ‚stā·shən]
(mechanical engineering)
A permanent facility which increases the pressure on gas to move it in transmission lines or into storage.

Compressor Station


a plant at various industrial enterprises and construction sites for producing compressed air or gas that is used as a power-carrier (air for driving pneumatic tools or gas for heating) or as a raw material for producing various products (oxygen from air or ammonia from a nitrogen-hydrogen mixture). A compressor station usually includes a main building, which houses the compressors and auxiliary equipment—such as tanks for the compressed air; gas collectors; water-supply, air-intake, and cooling units; and pipelines for hot and cold water, sewage, and steam.The station also has transformer substations and living quarters for workers. Compressor stations are usually housed in separate buildings with fireproof roofing and not readily combustible walls. They are sometimes located in an annex of an industrial building (if the building does not have potentially explosive or flammable production processes and if the noise and vibrations created by the equipment do not interfere with these processes).


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Name of client : Saudi Aramco -- Saudi Arabian Oil Company Budget : $750 million Facility type : Compressor station Sector : Pipeline Status : Engineering & Procurement Location : Dammam Feed : Foster Wheeler Main Contractor : Sepco
The project involves construction of two 10,000-hp compressors at the Mullet Compressor Station in Monroe and an additional 6,000 hp of compression at the Burch Ridge Compressor Station in Marshall County, WV Dominion will receive Appalachian gas from a new interconnect with Consol near Lightburn, WV and will deliver to two new interconnects in Monroe County, OH, one with Texas Eastern Transmission (TETCO) at TET-Arman Hill and the other with Rockies Express Pipeline (REX) at REXGerman Ridge.
The EPA has collected data from Natural Gas STAR partners, where transmission companies voluntarily interact with the EPA to reduce air emissions, which shows that instituting a DI&M program at a compressor station costs $26,248 per station and returns $88,239 per year in recovered gas.
Radan Kanev of the Reformist Bloc will contest the construction permit for the South Stream pipeline compressor station in the Pasha Dere area near Varna, reports Dnevnik.
Renovation works at the compressor station Bar of the cross-country Soyuz pipeline will be financed through Deutsche Bank AG credit line.
The capacity of the compressor station in Astara needed to be increased to ensure long-term supplies of Azerbaijan's gas to Iran," he said.
has achieved operational status at its new booster compressor station located on its gas-gathering pipeline southwest of Thayer, Kansas.
Councillors in Dumfries and Galloway will be asked today to increase the gas capacity of the pipeline through the compressor station at Brighouse Bay on the coast near Kirkcudbright.
An onshore compressor station with 37,880 horsepower (HP) of compression
Commissioning involves the use of a disciplined, systematic methodology to convert the constructed compressor station into an integrated and operational unit within a gas transmission system.
April 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Millennium Pipeline Company ("Millennium") announced that its Hancock Compressor Station went into service on March 31, 2014 and is now available to help move natural gas across the Northeast Region.
Stroytransgaz is building a compressor station for the South Stream gas pipeline on the territory of Russia.

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