Compressor Station

compressor station

[kəm′pres·ər ‚stā·shən]
(mechanical engineering)
A permanent facility which increases the pressure on gas to move it in transmission lines or into storage.

Compressor Station


a plant at various industrial enterprises and construction sites for producing compressed air or gas that is used as a power-carrier (air for driving pneumatic tools or gas for heating) or as a raw material for producing various products (oxygen from air or ammonia from a nitrogen-hydrogen mixture). A compressor station usually includes a main building, which houses the compressors and auxiliary equipment—such as tanks for the compressed air; gas collectors; water-supply, air-intake, and cooling units; and pipelines for hot and cold water, sewage, and steam.The station also has transformer substations and living quarters for workers. Compressor stations are usually housed in separate buildings with fireproof roofing and not readily combustible walls. They are sometimes located in an annex of an industrial building (if the building does not have potentially explosive or flammable production processes and if the noise and vibrations created by the equipment do not interfere with these processes).


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Pioneer Natural Resources announced that a fire occurred at a compressor station on March 6 in Pioneer's West Panhandle field in the panhandle region of Texas.
Contract Awarded to Supply a gas turbine-driven compressor train for the Winchell Lake Compressor Station in Alberta, Canada.
8 miles of 30-inch and 36-inch pipeline loop (Huguenot Loop) in Orange County, a new compressor station in Sullivan County, additional compression at the Hancock Compressor Station in Delaware County, modifications at the Westtown Meter Station and Wagoner Interconnect in Orange County and modifications at the Ramapo Meter Station in Rockland County.
For new and modified compressor stations, operators must conduct the initial survey within one year after the final rule is published in the Federal Register, or within 60 days of the startup of a new or modified compressor station, whichever is later.
State-owned gas grid operator Bulgartransgas has put into operation the key Strandzha compressor station following investment of BGN 70 M, the ministry said in a statement.
Name of client : Saudi Aramco -- Saudi Arabian Oil Company Budget : $750 million Facility type : Compressor station Sector : Pipeline Status : Engineering & Procurement Location : Dammam Feed : Foster Wheeler Main Contractor : Sepco
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 30, 2012-Williams Partners informs on status of Lathrop compressor station after flash fire(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The capacity of the compressor station in Astara needed to be increased to ensure long-term supplies of Azerbaijan's gas to Iran," he said.
The treated gas would then be sent to a main compressor station to be built at Warri (installed HP 17,000, I think) and finally transported by a 36-inch pipeline to the power station.
China Natural Gas Incorporated (China Natural Gas) (Nasdaq GM: CHNG), a China-based company that offers compressed natural gas (CNG) for vehicular fuel and pipeline natural gas for industrial, commercial and residential use, has completed the acquisition of a CNG compressor station in Hanchuan City, Hubei Province, China.
The Swiss-Swedish power and automation technology group ABB said on Monday (4 September) that it has secured a compressor station upgrade order from Algerian gas and oil company Sonatrach.
has achieved operational status at its new booster compressor station located on its gas-gathering pipeline southwest of Thayer, Kansas.

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