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symbol for the element chromiumchromium
[Gr.,=color], metallic chemical element; symbol Cr; at. no. 24; at. wt. 51.9961; m.p. about 1,857°C;; b.p. 2,672°C;; sp. gr. about 7.2 at 20°C;; valence +2, +3, +6. Chromium is a silver-gray, lustrous, brittle, hard metal that can be highly polished.
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(chemical engineering)


1. Abbr. for cold-rolled.
2. Abbr. for “ceiling register.”


cross, 3
1. An object consisting primarily of two straight or nearly straight pieces forming right angles with one another; the usual symbol of the Christian religion.
2. A monument or small building of any kind surmounted by a cross, 1, as a market cross.




The country code for Costa Rica.


(1) See cognitive radio and conversion rate.

(2) (Carriage Return) The character code generated when the Enter key is pressed. In ASCII and EBCDIC systems, the code is a decimal 13 or hex 0D. See line break.
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A primary advantage of computed radiography is noted in portable and critical care imaging, where the wide dynamic range characteristics of CR reduce the number of repeat exams required due to inaccurate technique adjustment or pathology.
Therefore, it is important for radiographers to understand how CR images are produced and to learn how to adapt their skills to produce quality images using computed radiography.
The ScanX computed radiography systems utilize durable, reusable, flexible phosphor storage plates (PSPS) which are coated with photostimulable material.
Analysis of the European Digital and Computed Radiography Markets is part of the Advanced Med Tech Growth Partnership Service program.
and easily-deployable computed radiography system on the market and its battery model is ideal for use in remote situations with no available power source.
Keywords: global breast imaging, Mammography, Analog Mammography Market, Digital Mammography Market, Computed Radiography (CR) Mammography Market, Breast Ultrasound Imaging, Breast MRI, Breast MRI Coil, Breast Specific Gamma Imaging
Under his leadership, Carestream has become a top global provider of computed radiography (CR) and digital radiography (DR) systems, with a track record for innovation that includes development of the world s first wireless, cassette-sized digital X-ray system, the CARESTREAM DRX-1 System and its offspring, the DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System.
Tenders are invited for Provision of Computed Radiography System.
Petrobras approves GE's computed radiography system for the first qualified and validated CR inspection of pipes up to 3.
Tenders are invited for Suppy Of Medical X-Ray Films & Accessories Reg: Fujifilm Dry Pix Camera Films : Size-8" X 10" For "Fuji Film" Make Dry Laser Imager Drypix Plus (Model : Drypix 4000) Computed Radiography System, Fujifilm Dry Pix Camera Films : Size-10" X 12" For "Fuji Film" Make Dry Laser Imager Drypix Plus (Model : Drypix 4000) Computed Radiography System, Fujifilm Dry Pix Camera Films : Size-12 X 14 For "Fuji Film" Make Dry Laser Imager Drypix Plus (Model : Drypix 4000) Computed Radiography System, X-Ray Imaging Plate Cassettes Size 8" X 10", X-Ray Imaging Plate Cassettes Size 10" X 12, X-Ray Imaging Plate Cassettes Size 14" X 17, X Ray Lead Letters A To Z Etc
These interviews have helped to gather relevant and updated insights on varying levels of technology adoption, future trends, and industry challenges in the computed radiography (CR), digital radiography (DR), and computer aided diagnosis (CAD) markets.

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