Computer History Museum

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Computer History Museum

(The Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA, The home of the largest collection of computer artifacts in the world, which includes thousands of hardware components, images, films and videos. Originally part of the Boston-based Computer Museum, the spin-off History Museum established itself in Silicon Valley in 1996.

The museum is dedicated to computing history and its social impact. One of its most popular exhibits is "Visible Storage," where rare objects such as the Cray-1 supercomputer, the Apple 1 and the 1969 Honeywell "Kitchen Computer" are displayed. In 2005, an exhibit opened featuring the history of computer chess and the five decades it took to build the machines that could challenge the worthiest of human players.

Capturing Tech History for the Ages
The original Computer Museum was founded in Marlboro, Massachusetts in 1979. Funded by several computer companies and private individuals, it offered the history of the industry as well as hands-on exhibits for kids and adults. You could literally walk through the world's largest computer. Its displays are now located in Boston's Museum of Science.

Some Keyboard!
This giant keyboard was in the Boston Museum's Walk-Through Computer that opened in 1995. (Image by FAYFOTO/John Rich; courtesy of The Computer History Museum.)

The Largest Graphics Card in the World
This was the ceiling-high graphics card in the Boston Museum. (Image by FAYFOTO/Keith Quenzel; courtesy of The Computer History Museum.)
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The Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley recently opened an exhibit displaying a complete, working version of Charles Babbage's Difference Engine No.
Core memory; a visual survey of vintage computers featuring machines from the Computer History Museum.
VILANDRE (Silicon Valley Chapter) was named CFO of the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, Calif.
The Case-Mossberg discussion was introduced by Donna Dubinsky, a trustee of the Computer History Museum and a technology veteran who was, notably, the founder of Handspring.
At the Computer History Museum Center you can see a lifelike computer-generated version of the painting, as well as a transparent Palm Pilot, a truck tire-size metal disk, and the first Apple computer (priced at $666.
Taveau will speak at the inaugural FIDO Alliance Silicon Valley Seminar this Thursday, February 21, 2013, at Silicon Valley's Computer History Museum.
Riverbed Technology, the application performance company, today announced it will sponsor the ninth annual SharkFest16 Wireshark Developer and User Conference at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, June 13 16.
The public is invited to attend the free 2015 Broadcom MASTERS Science and Engineering Project Showcase at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif.
Recently, Microsoft and Computer History Museum have released the MS-DOS and MS-Word source code as part of the Historical Source Code Series.
Google revealed that there will an Ara developer conference on April 15 to 16 at the Computer History Museum of Silicon Valley.
Initially, many people ''thought it was a waste of time and a gimmick,'' says Dag Spicer, senior curator of the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley.
Engelbert's daughter, Christina, notified about his death to the state's Computer History Museum in an email.

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