Management Information System

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management information system

[′man·ij·mənt ‚in·fər′mā·shən ‚sis·təm]
A communication system in which data are recorded and processed to form the basis for decisions by top management of an organization. Abbreviated MIS.

Management Information System

(MIS) A computer system, usually based on a mainframe or minicomputer, designed to provide management personnel with up-to-date information on an organisation's performance, e.g. inventory and sales. These systems output information in a form that is useable by managers at all levels of the organisation: strategic, tactical, and operational. A good example of an MIS report is an annual report for a stockholder (a scheduled report).

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Other recipients included Teresa Peters from Agassiz, B.C., who is enrolled in the computer information systems co-operative education diploma program at the University College of the Fraser Valley; Shannon Samatte from Cranberry Portage, Man., who is in the advanced networking program at the University of Manitoba; and Robert Swanson from Norway House, Man., who is attending the University of Manitoba, with plans to enter the faculty of computer science, honors program.
At Moscow S & A University, the Computer Information Systems Program has been reconfigured and the students were reported to be taught to develop their own software so that they would be able to compete in the world market.
SENN ( is the former chair and professor in the Department of Computer Information Systems at Georgia State University in Atlanta.
But House leaders, after initially going along with Clinton's request and promising an extra $1.7 million for fiscal 1997, quietly reneged on the deal when FEC officials--who sought the additional funds to pay for more staff and other investigative needs--refused to go along with House Appropriations Committee Chairman Bob Livingston's stipulation that the extra money be spent on upgrading the agency's computer information systems. An Appropriations Committee spokeswoman told the National journal that Livingston thought killing the additional funds was "good government management of taxpayer dollars." Or perhaps the Republicans like the control of investigations they have in Congress and don't want the FEC to have the resources to do its own properly.
Many of these schools offer programs in accounting and in computer information systems. There has been a high demand for specialists in these areas and this demand continues.
* All computer information systems, including point-of-sale (POS) terminals, must be revised in order to charge customers the proper tax and permit registrants to capture the information from supplier invoices to claim the proper amount of input tax credits.
Guerrero pointed out that the computer information systems upgrade forms only the first part of its plan to completely modernize the bureau with the help of multilateral agencies.
The Computer Information Systems program at COD offers students the tools they need to enhance their technical skills and prepares students for jobs that provide technical and business support in a variety of settings.
Hashem studied computer information systems, receiving his bachelor's degree from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in 1992.
Berce earned bachelor's degrees in both Mathematics and Computer Information Systems from Regis University in Denver, Colorado.
Pedersen was attending University of Houston, seeking a degree in computer information systems, and now is attending San Jacinto College South to finish his basics and to focus on school and TheGameCon together.

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