Computer-Assisted Learning

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computer-assisted learning

[kəm′pyüd·ər ə′sis·təd ′lərn·iŋ]
(computer science)
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Computer-Assisted Learning

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(Computer-Based Training) Using the computer for training and instruction. CBT programs are called "courseware" and provide interactive training sessions for all disciplines. Using graphics extensively, CBT was originally introduced on LaserDiscs, then CD-ROMs and, later, online. CBT courseware is typically developed with authoring languages that are designed to create interactive question/answer sessions. See MOOC, CMI and e-learning.
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SD: Standard deviation, CAL: Computer-assisted learning Table 2: Students' perception total score for both methods Opinion Lecture CAL (total (total score) score) Useful to understand the topic 75 84 Motivated to learn further 86 96 Makes more responsible for studying 83 95 Helps to integrate knowledge in pharmacology 91 99 Useful in scoring more marks in exams 96 107 CAL: Computer-assisted learning Table 3: Students' mean perception score for all the item analyzed Methods n Mean score[+ or -]SD P-value Lecture 80 1.077[+ or -]0.099 0.094 CAL 80 1.20[+ or -]0.104 SD: Standard deviation, CAL: Computer-assisted learning
Abbreviations EG: Experimental group CG: Control group CAL: Computer-assisted learning MCQ: Multiple choice question ANCOVA: Analysis of covariance.
Prompting using self-regulated support and learning through problem solving is recognized as a valid instructional approach, especially in computer-assisted learning fields where simple prompting can be easily implemented (Bannert & Reimann, 2009, 2012).
The demand analysis of English vocabulary of computer-assisted learning system is designed based on associative memory method.
[The practitioner briefs are available in ERIC at: ED553652--Adopting and Adapting Compression Strategies; ED553696--Adopting and Adapting Computer-Assisted Learning Strategies; and ED553693--Adopting and Adapting Contextualization Strategies.]
Unsurprisingly, because computer-assisted learning (CAL) is gaining in popularity (Bloomfield, While, & Roberts 2008), most alternative teaching methods identified were computer-based.
Chapter 23 discusses newer methods: interactive lectures, cooperative learning, self-paced courses, distance learning, and computer-assisted learning. Present technology could greatly improve education.
Discuss the computer-assisted learning module used in this study and its impact on its participants.
After obtaining permission from ONS, an oncology nurse competency was developed from the cards, utilizing the hospital-based computer-assisted learning system.
He qualified as a general and mental health nurse at the Highland College of Nursing and Midwifery in Inverness, Scotland, and has a postgraduate degree focused on the application of computer-assisted learning to post-basic nurse education.
About one-tenth (11.5%) suggested that the use of models and Computer-assisted learning (CAL) as a supplement to dissection could improve the quality of their training.
Windows support on the XO device means that our students and educators will now have access to more than computer-assisted learning experiences," he said.Microsoft said that it has spent a year working with OLPC and its suppliers to ensure that Windows is compatible with a number of different features of the XO laptop, such as e-book reading mode, standard Wi-Fi networking, camera, writing pad, custom keys and power saving.

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