Computer-Based Training

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Computer-Based Training

(CBT) Training (of humans) done by interaction with a computer. The programs and data used in CBT are known as "courseware."
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(Computer-Based Training) Using the computer for training and instruction. CBT programs are called "courseware" and provide interactive training sessions for all disciplines. Using graphics extensively, CBT was originally introduced on LaserDiscs, then CD-ROMs and, later, online. CBT courseware is typically developed with authoring languages that are designed to create interactive question/answer sessions. See MOOC, CMI and e-learning.
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* > Balance computer-based training for information and education with practical hands-on training in the store for program execution.
Also to develop online computer-based training resources including audio and visual material, and educational content to improve professional skills using a Learning Management System (LMS).
The company provides quality video demonstrations on DVD and interactive CBT (computer-based training) programs and simulator programs on the Iluminar Learning Management System (LMS) software platform.
Mariners, among others, using Computer-Based Training to expedite complaisance training.
For example, it has reduced crew sizes on some of its surface ships and has moved from instructor-led to more computer-based training. In House Report 111-166, which accompanied the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010, the House Armed Services Committee directed GAO to review the training, size, composition, and capabilities of the Navy's ship crews.
Healthy older adults who participated in an eight-week computer-based training program to improve the speed and accuracy of brain processing showed twice the improvement in certain aspects of memory, compared to a control group.
The firm designed a bespoke computer-based training programme to improve staff knowledge of the entire production process which then led on to further work book-based training.
The solution features time and attendance, business forecasting, labor demand planning, automated optimized scheduling, associate self service, dashboards with configurable alerts, and computer-based training.
Lavallee says one advantage of computer-based training versus an in-class instructor is each person experiences the exact same training.
Stiles Education offers a computer-based training class on electrical maintenance for Brandt edgebanders.
This computer-based training is available in all Pennsylvania DOC facility training rooms through a simple click of a mouse button.
Topics include an evaluation of computer-based training for DNA evidence collection; the technology and training needs of rural law enforcement; and videoconferencing as an alternative to physical courtroom appearances.

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