Concealed Work

Concealed Work


in construction, a name for the work that cannot be inspected at the time the building or structure is completed. Concealed work includes work connected with structural foundations, for example, lowering the level of ground water, strengthening foundation soils, and sinking caissons. Earthwork, another type of concealed work, is concerned with the creation of embankments, foundations, trenches, ditches, earth dams, and levees and with the covering and insulating of foundations.

Reinforced concrete is also used in concealed work. This type of work includes the reinforcement of structures built with concrete slabs, the installation, protection against corrosion, and welding of placing components, and the unifying of the butt joints of individual reinforced-concrete structural components.

In the construction of metal and wood structures, concealed work includes the covering up of metal beams, girders, and columns, the implementation of measures to prevent corrosion, the application of agents to the wood to prevent rot and combustion, and the installation and fastening of door and window units. In the construction of floors and roofs, concealed work includes the work done on the sub-structures and lower layers.

In accordance with current construction standards and rules in the USSR, concealed work must be inspected by the proper construction organization before being concealed by subsequent work. When the building is completed, documentation pertaining to concealed work is included in the general acceptance report. High quality in concealed work improves the reliability of buildings and structures.


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For the same reasons, also in France, Ryanair's British competitor, EasyJet, has been fined 14 million in damages and interests for concealed work.
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The contracting authority therefore invites you to register for free on in order to simplify the submission of applications and subsequently for the successful candidate to submit the documents proving his regularity in terms of concealed work.
Contract notice: The following documents and information to be provided by the applicants: - the Community license or domestic transport license - the declaration of honor duly signed (document provided in the consultation file, dc1 or equivalent) justifying the candidate's entry into any Of cases of prohibitions on tenders, is not subject to exclusionary measures (for concealed work, haggling, lending of illegal labor or employment of aliens without a job title, and non-compliance with the rules (If no production of copy of judgment or judgments handed down) - the document relating to the power to bind the candidate up to the amount of his offer of price, if the person signing the contract Of documents is the legal representative of the candidate.
The purpose of this contract is not intended as legal problems of public order in the strict sense, but extends to all applicable laws and rules that would be applicable in connection with the performance of contracts (collective procedures under contracting, MOP law, concealed work ...).