Concentrating Table

concentrating table

[′kän·sən‚trād·iŋ ‚tā·bəl]
(mining engineering)
A device consisting of a riffled deck to which a reciprocating motion in a horizontal direction is imparted; the material to be separated is fed in a stream of water, the heavy particles collect between the riffles and are conveyed in the direction of the reciprocating motion, while the lighter particles are borne by the water over the riffles to be discharged laterally from the table.

Concentrating Table


a device for separating particles of minerals finer than 1 mm that differ in density and sometimes in shape. The initial material is supplied in the form of an aqueous suspension and flows in a thin layer across an inclined grooved surface called a deck. Longitudinal reciprocating motion is applied to the deck by means of a differential gear drive. Particles of greater density settle on the deck surface under the force of gravity. Eddies that form between the grooves facilitate the separation.

The heavy particles that have settled on the deck are moved longitudinally by the deck’s rocking motion; the flow of water carries the light particles across the deck. The suspension that drains from separate sections of the deck edge contains various quantities of the minerals being separated. Thus, products enriched with minerals contained in the ore are produced.

A concentrating table makes possible very effective dressing of various minerals. The decks of such devices are rather large (from 0.5 x 1.5 m to 1.8 x 3 m). To increase output, multideck concentrating tables are used.


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