Concept Asteroids

Concept Asteroids

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Asteroids are thousands of small planetoids, 95 percent of whose orbits lie between those of Mars and Jupiter. Initially these asteroids were given mythological names, but as more asteroids were discovered, astronomers began naming them after places, people, and, eventually, concepts. Astrologers who have studied the influence of asteroids have reached the conclusion that the name of an asteroid gives one preliminary insight into the asteroid’s astrological effects.

The early asteroids studied by astrologers were named after mythological figures, and an exploration of the relevant myths provided a preliminary clue to the nature of these tiny planetoids’ influence. When researchers began shifting away from explicitly mythological asteroids and began examining asteroids named after concepts, they continued to follow their previous line of exploration by finding initial clues to the astrological influences of such asteroids in the concepts after which they were named. Pax, for example, is the Latin word for peace, which is a clue to the presumably “peaceful” or “pacifying” influence of the asteroid Pax.


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