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Nevertheless, in the conceptual scheme proposed, the tactic is not subordinated to these representations, nor to the strategy.
It is suggested that this article, with its emphasis on a conceptual scheme to help examine the social world of ordinary people, coupled with empirical studies to indicate contextual use of information, is a beginning.
We can show this relationship also in the general Islamic scientific conceptual scheme which developed upon the Islamic worldview as it was unfolding with the revelation.
But he makes his case with thoroughness and vigor, and the book should be found stimulating both by Wittgenstein scholars and by philosophers concerned with the question of alternative conceptual schemes.
The model of a conceptual scheme employed is not Kantian, however, which allows for no alternatives, is identified by its foundationally structured categorical concepts, and involves a commitment to the analytic/synthetic distinction.
Rejecting the claim of traditional metaphysics to extend our knowledge of reality, Kant argued that metaphysics' role is merely to provide an elaboration of the conceptual scheme used by the mind to represent objects.
Unlike Kant, and like Whitehead, Gracia maintains that he has a "healthy distrust" for human capacity to found "any conceptual scheme for all times and places.
systematic theology employs conceptual schemes like existentialism and process philosophy (27), which render biblical truths intelligible for the present context (19).
Contract notice: Realization of conceptual schemes under frontier operations and / or infrastructure.
This is already translating into more announcements, more conceptual schemes and more awards" said Julian Herbert, director of MEED Projects.
1) This sort of critical reflection arises from within epistemologically motivated and oppressive axiological, political, and religious conceptual schemes that maintain white supremacy.
39) The distinction between the Kantian and the Hegelian approach becomes clear once one notices that it is not our conceptual schemes that are limiting our knowledge of nature, but nature's own resistance to conceptual grasp, which Hegel understand as nature's own incapacity (Ohnmacht).

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