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(1) The first violinist of an orchestra; performs the violin solos and sometimes replaces the conductor at rehearsals. In 18th-century instrumental chamber groups, the concertmaster served as conductor.

(2) The leader of one of the string groups in an orchestra (violas, cellos, basses).

(3) A pianist who accompanies vocalists during their concert performances and helps them prepare their parts.

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Prior to the concert, Qatar Tribune caught up with the concert master of the VPO Rainer Honeck.
In his first season Miguel and the FWSO players' committee hired gifted New York chamber musician Michael Shih to fill the vacant concert master position.
The Quebec conductor's enthusiasm permeated the atmosphere shortly before his debut in Barcelona last February in an all-Handel concert conducting the opera house's chamber orchestra (the concert master is Calgary-born Kai Gleusteen) with counter-tenor David Daniels and soprano Lisa Saffer.
In 2004, double bass player Erich Hartmann was 84, and remarkably, 93 years old Hans Bastiaan, who had joined in 1934, and was a concert master.
Upon the conductor's return, the applause grows, and the conductor recognizes the concert master and the entire orchestra.
The orchestra's concert master remembers his late mother's great ambitions for him to be a famous solo violinist, and how he came to terms with the fact that it wasn't going to happen, but found great solace and success in the worlds of chamber and orchestral music.
Mullins became Concert Master in the Fort Wayne Youth Symphony at 10 and won the Ohio Grand Champion Fiddle contest the same year.
Concert Master Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Joins the Renowned Piano Trio
In the position of a newly-elected concert master, he means to show bands of scholars how and what they can learn from listening to Native Americans, English colonists, and their African slaves, much as Mark M.
We discover that she was sexually molested by her first teacher, the former concert master of the San Francisco Symphony, and now her father-in-law.
At age 14, a loaner instrument from the associate concert master of the Edmonton Symphony made it possible to practice at home until Angela was able to purchase her own first instrument with squirreled-away cash winnings from the city's annual Kiwanis Music Festivals.
As customary, the concert master handed over his violin to the 14-year-old, who then snapped yet another string.