Concrete Pump

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concrete pump

[′käŋ‚krēt ‚pəmp]
(mechanical engineering)
A device which drives concrete to the placing position through a pipeline of 6-inch (15-centimeter) diameter or more, using a special type of reciprocating pump.
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Concrete Pump


a construction machine for the forced pumping of concrete mix through a conduit to the location where it is to be placed.

Concrete pumps are distinguished according to design (one- and two-cylinder) and type of drive (crank and hydraulic). In both types the plunger sucks concrete mix from the pump hopper while the delivery valve (gate) is closed and the suction valve is open; on the return cycle it ejects the mix into the conduit. Hydraulically driven concrete pumps have a longer plunger stroke in the working cylinder than do crank-driven pumps; they also have a constant plunger speed, which provides a steady, even movement of the concrete mix and reduces the resistance to movement of the mix in the conduit and the power requirements for the electric motors. In the USSR concrete pumps are manufactured with production capacities of 5, 10, and 40 m3/hr, feeding concrete mix up to 40 m vertically and up to 300 m horizontally. The equipment of a concrete pump includes a concrete conduit of separate pipes with quick-release connections.


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concrete pump

A machine that mixes concrete ingredients and then moves the concrete mixture through a hose to the point of placement. Also see pneumatic placement.
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This report analyzes and forecasts the global Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Market at the global and regional level.
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Each pile required 50m 3 of concrete transported in five mixer trucks and poured through a truck-mounted concrete pump. Drilling at the Medium Pyramid site was done at night, and reinforcing steel cages were installed early in the mornings.
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The scientific and innovative contribution of the paper is the establishment of a truck mounted concrete pump boom model considering the boom flexibility and hydraulic actuator equivalent stiffness.
There exist 2 main reasons of why concrete pump was chosen as a construction machine in this study: (i) it is inevitable to employ concrete pumps in construction projects including concrete-based products; (ii) it is a highly risky decision whether to purchase concrete pumps, requiring a great financial investment that can be measured with a million dollars.
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Key components of the concrete pump will be manufactured in the United States, Sany said, noting that it will use Mack Truck chassis, Cummins diesel engines and Sauer-Danfoss hydraulic components.
The system displays input rates and allows readjustment of the preset values during the spraying process from either of two terminals, on the Spraystand or at the concrete pump. NorDoser has a data logging facility and print outs can be generated showing mix design, spraying results and accelerator use.

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