Girder Bridge

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Girder Bridge


a bridge with span structures whose basic bearing components are beams or truss girders, which are subjected to bending.

Girder bridges are differentiated as simple beam span structures, which rest (each on one end) on two piers, and continuous beam span structures, which rest on three or more piers. Girder bridges may have main girders with solid cross sections or main trussed girders. The span structures of girder bridges are made of steel, reinforced concrete, or wood. Bridges built with solid-section beams are usually deck bridges. Bridges with trussed girders are frequently through bridges. In modern bridge building girder bridges are the most widely used.


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Caption: Figure 3: Cross section of the concrete girder bridge with loading position of the truck.
Once all of the distribution factors had been calculated in accordance to the AASHTO FRFD Specifications [14] and the FEM, the percent difference was obtained in order to quantify the accuracy of the current code procedures in predicting the load distribution of a concrete girder bridge with integral abutments.
The third example is a skewed, 21-m, single-span, prestressed concrete girder bridge with tall, closed, seat-type abutments on spread footings.
Deng and Wang [11] developed a model to study the impact factors of simply supported prestressed concrete girder bridges due to vehicle braking with a three-dimensional vehicle-bridge coupled model.
The new courses help to meet the training needs of professionals responsible for planning and constructing steel and concrete girder bridges. Existing courses were updated to reflect 2015 revisions to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials' LRFD [Load and Resistance Factor Design] Bridge Design Specifications.