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the ability of a system to conduct electricity, measured by the ratio of the current flowing through the system to the potential difference across it; the reciprocal of resistance. It is measured in reciprocal ohms, mhos, or siemens.
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The real part of the admittance of an alternating-current circuit. The admittance Y of an alternating-current circuit is a complex number given by Eq. (1). (1)  The real part G is the conductance. The units of conductance, like those of admittance, are called siemens or mhos. Conductance is a positive quantity. The conductance of a resistor R is given by Eq. (2). (2) 

In general the conductance of a circuit may depend on the capacitors and inductors in the circuit as well as on the resistors. For example, the circuit in the illustration has impedance at frequency &ohgr; given by Eq. (3) and admittance given by Eq. (4), so that the conductance, given by

Eq. (5), depends on the inductance L as well as the resistance R. See Admittance, Electrical impedance

Circuit with a resistor and inductor in seriesenlarge picture
Circuit with a resistor and inductor in series
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The real part of the admittance of a circuit; when the impedance contains no reactance, as in a direct-current circuit, it is the reciprocal of resistance, and is thus a measure of the ability of the circuit to conduct electricity. Also known as electrical conductance. Designated G.
(fluid mechanics)
For a component of a vacuum system, the amount of a gas that flows through divided by the pressure difference across the component.
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thermal conductance

The time rate of flow of heat through a unit area of material from one of the faces of the material to the other, for a unit temperature difference between the two faces, under steady-state conditions.
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In addition to the neurological examination based on NCI-CTAE as realized in current practice, OIPN assessment consisted in (1) Electrochemical Skin Conductance assessment using the Sudoscan device (IMPETO Medical, Paris, France) (2) neuropathic pain assessment using the Neuropathic Pain Symptom Inventory (NPSI) scale and (3) thermal sensory assessment using the MSA thermal stimulator (SOMEDIC AB, Horby, Sweden).
where [kappa] denotes the conductance of line that is flowed autaptic current on, and [tau] represents the autaptic time delay, which occurs because of the finite propagation speed during axonal transmission.
where [V.sub.syn] is the synaptic reversal potential and [g.sub.syn] is a brief synaptic conductance and is modeled by using periodic function
The temperature measurements within the low pressure side of the recuperator are used to compute the temperature profile of the high pressure stream (as described in the "Experimental Apparatus" section and shown on Figure 2(b)), and the conductance (UA) of the heat exchanger section located between each temperature sensor.
Recently, we have shown that total diffusive conductances in cases of IUGR and PE+IUGR are lower than those in uncomplicated or PE pregnancies (Mayhew et al., 2007).
Of course, we may state this question more generally for networks: Let G be a complete graph on n vertices and conductances on the edges.
APPENDIX A FIRST THREE SERIES COEFFICIENTS OF NONLINEAR CONDUCTANCE AND CAPACITANCE Input Power g1 g2 g3 C1 C2 C3 (dBm) (S) (S) (S) (pF) (pF) (pF) -27.5 4.96e-4 0.0152 0.2600 0.44336 1.5808 -1.5614 -25.5 4.3506e-4 0.0131 0.2230 0.43652 1.5931 -0.95663 -23.5 3.5627e-4 0.0105 0.1771 0.42625 1.5977 -1.2603 -21.5 2.7111e-4 0.0076 0.1225 0.41061 0.6311 -0.8300 APPENDIX B
Seasonal measurements of hydraulic conductance and leaf area
There are many such real circuits between a first node and an adjacent node with different individual conductances. All those individual conductances can be very well represented by an equivalent conductance [C.sub.avg], averaged over all the material.
The proposed power resolution is based on the separation of load current into orthogonal components as active, reactive, scattered conductance, scattered susceptance, unbalanced conductance and unbalanced susceptance currents, which are all related to the conductance and susceptance parameters of the load.
Moreover, a slightly better linear relationship (P less than 0.001) between photosynthesis and gt was found when mesophyll and stomatal conductances (Fig.
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