Confederation Bridge

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Confederation Bridge,

Fr. Pont de la Confédération, bridge that joins Borden-Carleton in Prince Edward Island with Cape Jourimain in New Brunswick, Canada. Spanning the Northumberland StraitNorthumberland Strait,
arm of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, c.200 mi (320 km) long and from 8 to 30 mi (13–48 km) wide, separating Prince Edward Island from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The strait is crossed by the Confederation Bridge, which was completed in 1997.
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 at its narrowest point, the bridge measures 8 mi (12.9 km) long and opened in 1997. Privately operated (until 2032), it consists of the West Approach Bridge, with 14 piers; the East Approach Bridge, with seven piers; and the Main Bridge, which rests on 44 piers.
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Likely unforeseen in 1988, the Confederation Bridge would also achieve a material and moral significance in the reproductive lives of Islanders, and the reproductive law of the province.
GIGANTIC J Confederation Bridge AMAZING n The beautiful Bay of Fundy PRETTY n Water Street in St Andrews NICE SNAP NICE SNAP Steve with his lobster catch n Steve with his lobster catch
The case studies examined are as follows: Alberta Special Waste Management System (Alberta), Confederation Bridge (Federal), Highway 407 Express Toll Route (Ontario), Highway 104 Western Alignment Project (Nova Scotia), Evergreen Park School (New Brunswick), O'Connell Drive Elementary School (Nova Scotia), Britannia Mine Water Treatment Plant (British Columbia), Moncton Water Treatment Facility (New Brunswick), Cranbrook Civic Arena (British Columbia), and Waterloo Landfill Gas Power Plant (Ontario).
Our case study dwells on the Confederation Bridge, linking Prince Edward Island (PEI) to New Brunswick (NB) across the Northumberland Strait.
But the Liberals under Robert Ghiz, 33, son of previous premier Joe and a former adviser to Jean Chretien, have moved to within two points of the Tories in the polls, positioning them to do to the Tories what their brothers did last fall across the Confederation Bridge in New Brunswick.
GETTING THERE Charlottetown is 163 miles from Halifax (around two-and-a-half hours' drive) and involves crossing the 13km long Confederation Bridge (toll pounds 17, www.
NIGEL STOVELL, of Ledbrook Road, Cubbington, enjoyed the view of the eight-mile Confederation Bridge linking Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick, Canada, but he still found time to "view" the front page of his favourite paper.
To leave PEI - and golf fans could find it hard with 30 scenic courses to test the handicap - I drove over the impressive 13km Confederation Bridge to New Brunswick, where the next stop was Saint John, a bustling industrial town in the south of the province.
On the next day, I headed to Summerside, a cozy coastal city that's a favorite with tourists because of its proximity to Charlottetown and the Confederation Bridge, which links Prince Edward Island with Nova Scotia.
At one point, a government-commissioned tourism consultant's report recommended, among other things, enlisting Disney to develop the North Shore, virtual Fathers of Confederation and an IMAX theatre at the foot of the Confederation Bridge, itself a designated "tourist attraction.
Highway improvements and the opening of Confederation Bridge this year have suddenly made Mount Allison a half hour from Universite de Moncton, an hour from the University of PEI, and two hours from Dalhousie, Mount St.
The Confederation Bridge spans the turbulent Northumberland Strait, connecting the provinces of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

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