Congressional Black Caucus

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Congressional Black Caucus,

organization of African-American members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Founded in 1970, it addresses legislative concerns of African Americans and other minority citizens, such as employment, welfare reform, minority business development, and expanded educational opportunities. The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (est. 1976) conducts research on issues affecting African Americans, publishes a yearly report on key legislation, and sponsors issue forums, leadership seminars, and scholarships.
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Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman Karen Bass offered the "amanee," the delegation's statement of purpose: to observe the longstanding bilateral relations between Ghana and the U.S.
Gabrielle Brown, spokeswoman for the Congressional Black Caucus, said black House lawmakers have been holding meetings with DCCC officials for months and expressing similar concerns.
The Congressional Black Caucus has since ramped up its criticisms of Trump Tensions between Trump and the CBC flared up in June, when the group declined to take a second meeting with the president, arguing that he had failed to make Cabinet officials available for further discussions.
Caption: Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Executive Director Fabrice Coles speaks at GFOA's winter committee meeting.
The regulators attended the Congressional Black Caucus conference last year.
WASHINGTON: Members of the Congressional Black Caucus Friday called Donald Trump a "disgusting fraud" and demanded he apologize to President Obama for repeatedly challenging the first African-American president's citizenship before retreating from the claim Friday.
The four were key players in a morning endorsement of Clinton from the Congressional Black Caucus political action committee, the political arm of the Congressional Black Caucus, a powerful bloc of mostly Democratic black U.S.
In remarks at the Congressional Black Caucus awards dinner, the President announced the My Brother's Keeper Community Challenge, encouraging communities (cities, counties, suburbs, rural areas, and tribal nations) to implement coherent cradle-to-college-and-career strategies aimed at improving life outcomes for all young people--consistent with the goals and recommendations of the White House's My Brother's Keeper Task Force report.
For his part, Holder told the Congressional Black Caucus during its legislative conference on Friday that he plans to keep on pushing voting rights and civil rights protections while still in office.
In addition to official government meetings, the delegation, led by US congresswoman and chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, Rep Marcia L.
Bush and lawmakers led by the Congressional Black Caucus. It has come to represent what Washington can do when it puts politics aside and what America can do to make the world a better place.

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