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Let A mod M be a congruence class containing a squarefree integer, and suppose that A mod M is not entirely contained in the residue class 7 mod 8.
Then [a]D = [b]D and so by the property of congruence class, we obtain a * b [member of] D and b * a [member of] D.
n], the congruence class of x mod [THETA] is denoted by [[x].
infinity]]] that identifies the representative of a congruence class.
We prove the existence of a unique factorization of a contextual trace as a product of images, in the canonical morphism [phi], of words related to the Lukasiewicz words and characterize the lexicographically minimum and maximum representatives of a congruence class.
For each congruence class C, let [union]C denote the union of the regions in C.
alpha]] is a semilattice congruence class of S and so b [member of] [S.