Conjugate Points

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conjugate points

[′kän·jə·gət ′pȯins]
For a conic section, two points either of which lies on the line that passes through the points of contact of the two tangents drawn to the conic from the other.
Any pair of points such that all rays from one are imaged on the other within the limits of validity of Gaussian optics. Also known as conjugate foci.

Conjugate Points


in optics, a pair of points in an optical system such that if one point represents the object, the other point represents its image. In accordance with the principle of reversibility, the object and image can be interchanged. Strictly speaking, the concept of conjugate points is applicable only in the paraxial regions of ideal (nonaberrational) optical systems (seePARAXIAL RAYS). The concept, however, is often used as an approximation in real systems.

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The numerous conjugate points from the left and right image were detected using SURF match model, and the error match points were removed to obtain the reliable relative orientation results as is shown in Figure 3.
1) The 62 conjugate points were used to calculate the parameters of the relative orientation of the stereo image pair.
For a non-calibration and general camera sensor, the accuracy of relative orientation is excellent basing on the model of direct relative orientation with seven constraints, and the residual error may include the image distortion, match error of conjugate point, measurement error of image point, calculation error and random error.