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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Calling up spirits/entities in Ceremonial Magic. This is done using various Words of Power; sacred words and the names of god, angels, and archangels. A complete ceremony is needed to accomplish the conjuration of an entity, and requires great deal of careful and detailed preparation.

Conjuration is not done in Witchcraft, since nothing is ever called forth. All are in the Wiccan circle of their own free will.

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Musically there's a lot going on with strong melodies, inventive complex arrangements, solid playing and a palpable sense of atmosphere on the likes of Conjuration, Way To Power and the organ swirling epic title track.
The Alpsegen (Benediction of the alps) ritually chanted in the evening was originally a pagan conjuration of demons in order to keep them away from the herdsmen's meadows.
DIE FERNEN INSELN is not a travelogue in the classic sense of the word; rather, it is a poetic and dreamlike conjuration of the European North Atlantic islands Iceland, the Faeroes, and, to a lesser extent, Greenland.
Pourtant, lorsqu'il decouvrit la conjuration dont celui-ci avait ete victime, sursauta d'indignation, entendant le sous-chef d'Etat-Major lui dire: "qu'est-ce que cela peut vous faire que ce Juif reste a l'ile du Diable?
In essa la maga Circe tenta di ammaliare Ulisse attraverso la magia della parola: "La magie incantatoire croit au pouvoir surnaturel du chant: une formule de conjuration ou d'imprecation possede la vertu de lier la personne objet de l'incantation a la volonte de celui qui la prononce dans les conditions rituelles (paroles, intonation, rythmes)" (132).
For some time now Chou has been interested in architectural conjuration, in contriving to make things appear and disappear.
As a consequence of my powers of magic and conjuration, I caused the speculative shot by Ronaldinho to go further than it would have and fool the English keeper who had benefited at Scotland's expense in the past.
Hoodoo, Conjuration, Witchcraft, Rootwork: Beliefs Accepted by Many Negroes and White Persons, These Being Orally Recorded among Blacks and Whites.
Romeo resists Mercutio's conjuration as a trespass on his privacy; for the same reason Paris will resist Romeo's supposed trespass in the tomb scene:
This she develops by examining various customs in Gullah communities, such as grave dressing and conjuration, showing in the process their antecedents in West African culture.
We found him in one of the narrow, crooked, sloping alleys on whose gray, crumbling walls centuries of Jewish learning, piety, poverty, and Messianic conjuration are almost visibly encrusted.
stuck in the realm of the numinous, in the conjuration of merely mystical experience, and in global moral appeals" (x).