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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Calling up spirits/entities in Ceremonial Magic. This is done using various Words of Power; sacred words and the names of god, angels, and archangels. A complete ceremony is needed to accomplish the conjuration of an entity, and requires great deal of careful and detailed preparation.

Conjuration is not done in Witchcraft, since nothing is ever called forth. All are in the Wiccan circle of their own free will.

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Indeed, the "African fetichism" and folklore from which Chesnutt drew inspiration was concerned not only with physical objects--the roots, charms, and dolls used for conjure--but also with what we might call human objects: individuals who are transformed, via conjuration, into inhuman forms (2012c, 199).
(During the Middle Ages, conjuration also designated the sworn faith by
Aiming at the same time to develop further and to criticize the spectral conjuration of ideology proposed by Derrida, Slavoj Zizek's considerations expressed one year after Derrida's book opened new possibilities for the critique of ideology.
Chapter three, "The Gothic Double Revised: Memory, Mourning and Illegal Twins in The Sea," deals with the classic Gothic trope of the double and "the boundary of the self and other," while also examining memory and ethics through the process of mourning (4), and chapter four, "Conjuration, Digestion, Expulsion: The Law of Mourning in The Gathering," continues this theme by "interrogating] the tradition of mourning as a Gothic practice" (5) that "first conjures, then digests, and finally expels" (64).
The ghostly then becomes an exegetical device, a conjuration that belies the "grounded theory" to which Gordon aspires (8).
(6.) Philippe Buonarroti, Gracchus Babeuf et la Conjuration des egaux (Paris: Armand Le Chevalier, 1869), pp 89-102.
En tout cas, cette vraie conjuration profite, a coup sur, aux maEtres de ces [beaucoup moins que]ouvrages[beaucoup plus grand que] factices et assassines qui poussent de maniere prolifique sur tout champ ou espace de la chose publique dont vous etes un des premiers depositaires, Monsieur [beaucoup moins que]mon[beaucoup plus grand que] elu local pour lequel je n'ai pas vote, greviste de vote que je suis, et je le resterais a jamais!
The chapter called "Conjuration," for example, blends deconstruction through close reading of Derrida's Specters of Marx, particularly of Derrida's use in that book of Shakespeare's Hamlet, with an argument about how Derrida's reading and Marxist applications of Shakespeare reveal his otherwise unstated assumptions about political objectives, including Jerusalem.
Nonetheless, rather than Hansberry, the most compelling influence on black artists whose artistic trajectory was toward poetic imagery came from the new dramaturgy emerging in the 1960s from Europe, and gaining traction in the United States, which depended upon heightened language and imagistic metaphors, as in the metaphysics of Samuel Beckett's WAITING FOR GODOT, the ritualized anti-colonial stylization of Jean Genet's THE BLACKS, or the didactic manipulation of archetypes in the epic staging procedures of Bertoldt Brecht's MOTHER COURAGE, and the spacial tension in the discursive text of Harold Pinter's CARETAKER, or the mysterious verbal conjuration of Edward Albee's zoo STORY.
In its positive sense, implication is conjuration and mind transference.