aesculus hippocastanum

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horse chestnut tree

horse chestnut tree

Grows over 100 ft (35m) Nuts are moderately poisonous. Toxin is destroyed by roasting or boiling. Seeds contain a saponin called Escin, which is used externally to reduce swelling and increase skin tissue tone, increasing circulation and encouraging flexibility. Be careful.
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But Richard wrote to the council asking for a new conker tree to be included in the local environmental scheme at the edge of Coundon Wedge.
Head ranger Joe Taylor fears for the future of the much-lover conker trees.
Lord Falconer said: "In the last few months we have heard of local authority councillors standing down because they fear being sued and we have heard of conker trees being chopped down, all because of an over-inflated fear that there is no such thing as a genuine accident.
The conker is the seed of the horse chestnut tree, introduced to Britain from Eastern Europe in the late 16th century The game of conkers is unique to Britain - before conker trees the game was played with hazel nuts or sea shells The world record conker won 5000 bouts In the 1993 World Conker Championships ex-Python Michael Palin was disqualified for hardening his conker with vinegar The first recorded game was in 1848 If a conker floats it has interior damage - use only sinkers for the game The name conker comes either from the French cogner, meaning to hit, or the Latin conccha, meaning shell Only horses, deer and cattle can eat them
He also believes this is creating a situation where councils chop down conker trees for fear of compensation claims and teachers run a mile rather than take pupils on school trips.
Last week, because the sticks that children were throwing to try and dislodge conkers were threatening to damage passing cars, the authorities were chopping branches off conker trees.
He also went to the animal welfare centre, met cows and calves and planted acorn and conker trees which will grow on the college estate.
The ban follows conker trees having their branches chopped off in South Shields over safety fears for kids gathering chestnuts, one Carlisle primary school insisting conker-playing kids must wear safety goggles, and another proposing safety gloves.
John Hadman of the Ashton Conker Club, which organises the contest being held next Sunday, said: "Earlier this year I had a letter full of soggy, mashed up conker leaves from this gentleman who said the parakeets are ruining the conker trees.
CONKER trees are to be felled at the side of a Nuneaton road because experts say they are a danger to the public.
SIX "dangerous" conker trees which have towered over Nuneaton town centre for about 70 years are to be felled next month after all.
SIX conker trees in Nuneaton's town centre which were due to be felled in the next couple of weeks have been given a temporary stay of execution.