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a change in sounds depending on their position in a given portion of a text (a word or sentence). The term was introduced by ancient Indian grammarians. Sandhi may be external (at word boundaries) or internal (at morpheme boundaries).

Sandhi presupposes the expansion of sound features into a segment larger than a phoneme, the development of new features, or the loss of a phoneme or of some of its features. Many instances of sandhi are related to various types of neutralization; sandhi is an example of a boundary signal. Certain mor-phophonemic phenomena are attributed to sandhi.


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Participant T4 showed a mixed response to the taper process: a substantial decrease in F0 (-20 Hz) during the connected speech task, combined with a mild to moderate decrease in loudness (-5 dB).
This study followed up 45 Mandarin-speaking children with hearing impaired children, who were not aware of environmental sound and had unintelligible connected speech before wearing the auditory device.
Poor knowledge of phonological phenomena occurring in connected speech.
The nature of connected speech makes it difficult for listeners to accurately tell where a word ends and the next one begins, especially when the lexical items are unknown to them.
Examples of the connected speech elicited from participants at each of the three grade levels as well as examples of the various phonological features identified in those samples appear in Table 2.
Weak syllable deletion in single words and bazin for bathing in connected speech were the only features noted in younger groups but not in older groups.
Devoicing voiced phonemes is a typical and widespread assimilation phenomenon in connected speech in most languages and it applies also to other consonants.
4) We listed all the /s/and /z/-phonemes in these three text corpora and set up a system of how we would expect them to be pronounced if the words and phrases that they are part of had been uttered in connected speech (CS).
Connected Speech is in many ways built on the theoretical
NASDAQ: NUAN) and QNX Software Systems, a Harman International company (NYSE: HAR) and an industry leader in real-time, embedded OS technology, together announced that Nuance Voice Control for Automotive is powering the connected speech capabilities of the QNX([R]) CAR application platform.
Given our track record of rapid growth to date, I look forward to helping SpeechCycle to further expand its business and make connected speech broadly available to many industries.
Better yet, we deliver connected speech through our highly scalable and flexible SaaS model," said Zor Gorelov, SpeechCycle CEO.

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