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connecting rod

[kə′nekt·iŋ ‚räd]
(mechanical engineering)
Any straight link that transmits motion or power from one linkage to another within a mechanism, especially linear to rotary motion, as in a reciprocating engine or compressor.

Connecting Rod


a link in a plane mechanism that is connected to other moving links by means of rotating kinematic pairs and that describes a complex two-dimensional motion.

Connecting rods are an important component in widely used crank-slide mechanisms, which convert the reciprocal motion of a slide (the piston) into the rotary motion of a crank (the crankshaft), or vice versa. In piston engines, compressors, and pumps, the connecting rod generally has an H-shaped cross section; the end connected to the piston (the small, or piston end) is not detachable, and the big end, connected to the crankshaft, is demountable to allow assembly of the mechanism.

In forging and press equipment, the connecting rod end is sometimes of a special design that allows acceptance of high loads in a single direction; connecting rods of both constant and variable length are also used to control the position of a slide. The length of the connecting rod may be varied by means of a rod, the threaded end of which is screwed into the body of the connecting rod and the other (spherical) end of which forms a spherical kinematic pair with the slide.


connecting rod

The rod connecting the piston and transmitting power to the crankshaft of a reciprocating engine.
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MGP Connecting Rods, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a manufacturer of high-performance aluminum connecting rods.
After hot forging and air cooling, samples of size 8 mm x 8 mm x 10 mm are selected from the 36MnVS4 and C70S6 connecting rods by wire cutting.
The structural feature of the mechanism is the presence of a shape-variable closed loop B, C, D, E formed by three connecting rods BC, BD, CE and one rocker arm DE, in which one of the connecting rods located opposite the rocker arm and the rocker arm itself have the form of complex links (connecting rod 2 and rocker arm 5 together with other links form 3 kinematic pairs each).
The crankshaft and counterweight assembly exhibited lubrication distress, thermal damage and mechanical damage concentrated at the #2, #3 and #4 connecting rod journals.
Therefore, Abaqus 6.12-4 was used to calculate how much the connecting rod deforms when a load of 60 kN, which is a typical cylinder pressure value, is applied to the connecting rod's upper end whose surface receives a piston pin.
Fatigue strength of connecting rods under recycling loads and fretting corosion beceuse of the frictional contact faces must be considered at the design stage [9, 10].
This research project investigated weight and cost reduction opportunities that steel forged connecting rods offer.
Connecting rods transfer energy from the engine to the crankshaft and ultimately to the final drive mechanisms in these high-performance vehicles.
Currently, transmissions, drive shafts, and other engine components (crank shafts and connecting rods) supplied to these automobile production plants are being locally manufactured by Honda's existing engine and parts production joint venture companies.
Older 1000- and 1500-ton models had a single actuator on each side of the machine that operated the top and bottom nuts by means of connecting rods. That meant less precise timing and required more maintenance.
According to the Detroit Free Press, proprietary information on Metaldyne's profitable powdered-metal connecting rods used in truck engines was alleged to be used by Chongqing Huafa Industry Co.

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