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Myofibrobasts are capable of remodeling connective tissue but also interact with epithelial cells and other connective tissue cells and may thus control such phenomena as tumor invasion and angiogenesis.
The granuloma with single and multiple eggs surrounded by various types of connective tissue cells.
Of the eleven samples that stained positive for the connective tissue cells, six demonstrated more number of stromal cells than paravascular cells, and four demonstrated more number of para-vascular cells, with one section showing equal distribution of cells in the paravascular and stromal locations.
The presence of sporocysts in the intrapallial or isthmatic part of the mantle induced the mildest changes in the bivalve tissue--hematocytic infiltration with hypertrophy and hyperplasia of connective tissue cells.
Other research with the telomerase gene has shown that telomerase activation can enhance the repair capacity or stress resistance of skin, liver, neural, bone, heart, vascular, and connective tissue cells, and thus the telomerase activating compounds may find utility in a wide range of therapeutic indications, such as ulcers, cirrhosis, neurodegenerative and vascular diseases.
LOS ANGELES, Calif, November 17, 2016 -- Scientists here have discovered that connective tissue cells in the heart turn into bone-producing cells in response to injury.
Using fewer cells allows the scientists to do many more T The researchers first generated heart muscle cells and connective tissue cells from iPSCs.
And this was not the only surprise: For the most part, the DNA salvaged was even still able to transfer genetic information to bacterial and connective tissue cells.
Washington, May 27 (ANI): A new study has found that cancer cells accelerate aging of nearby connective tissue cells to cause inflammation, which provides "fuel" for the tumour to grow and even metastasise.
2] causes a cytotoxic response of mammalian connective tissue cells via the EGF receptor pathway leading to ERK activation, and a metabolic inhibitor of the ERK pathway (PD98059) blocked this cytotoxic response (23,30).
Both the bone marrow and connective tissue cells helped form new hyalinelike cartilage and heal the damaged tissue and bone, they report.
The finding is supported by the knowledge about Emdogain's mechanism of action that Biora has previously reported, where by it was shown that Emdogain promotes growth of attached connective tissue cells while many types of epithelial cells are inhibited and cell-death occurs.

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