Conrad of Marburg

Conrad of Marburg,

d. 1233, German churchman. He was confessor (1225–31) of St. ElizabethElizabeth, Saint,
1207–31, daughter of King Andrew II of Hungary and wife of Landgrave Louis II of Thuringia. She is called St. Elizabeth of Hungary. She led a simple life, personally tended the sick and the poor, and spent long hours at prayer.
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 of Hungary and administrator of her husband's benefices in his absence. His zeal against heresy earned him appointment (1231) as first papal inquisitor in Germany. His harshness made him much disliked, and he was murdered.
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Conrad of Marburg, Inquisitor of Heretics assigned by Pope Honorius as her spiritual adviser when her husband was alive, remained as her spiritual guide.
Conrad of Marburg would have a hard time inspiring sympathy in anyone's book.
These are the years in which Gregory IX was authorizing friars to take inquisitorial action in a new way, and the time of the careers of Robert le Bougre and Conrad of Marburg; it is not surprising to find that the submission for Dominic's canonization laid heavy stress on the suppression of heresy achieved in the Great Devotion or that John of Vicenza later appeared as inquisitor for Lombardy.