Conrad the Red

Conrad the Red,

d. 955, duke of Lotharingia (Lorraine; 944–53). A Franconian adherent of the German king Otto I (later Holy Roman emperor), he was made duke of Lotharingia and married Otto's daughter Liutgard. He accompanied (951) his father-in-law to Italy against Berengar IIBerengar II
, d. 966, marquis of Ivrea. In 950 he made himself and his son joint kings of Italy, but his great unpopularity and his attempt to force Adelaide, his predecessor's widow, to marry his son, brought the intervention (951) of Otto I of Germany.
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. Remaining in Italy as Otto's representative, he concluded a peace treaty with the defeated Berengar. Otto, however, considered the treaty too lenient and drastically revised it. The discontented Conrad then led a revolt against Otto with Otto's son, Ludolf, and Frederick, archbishop of Mainz. Expelled (953) from his duchy, Conrad allied (954) with the Hungarians, who were invading the empire. When the invasion united the people behind Otto, Conrad submitted. He fought with valor under Otto at the Lechfeld but was killed in the battle.
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