Conservation International

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Conservation International (CI)

Address:2011 Crystal Drive, Suite 500
Arlington, VA 22202

Phone: 800-406-2306;
Established: 1987. Description:Dedicated to saving endangered rain forests and other ecosystems worldwide and the animals and plants that rely on these habitats. Provides financial and technical support to local communities, private organizations, and government agencies in developing countries to help build sustainable economies while protecting rain forest ecosystems. Members: 10,000. Dues: $35/year.
Publications: CI Frontlines (quarterly); free to members.

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Guidelines are offered by such diverse groups as the United Nations Environmental Programme, Conservation International, the American Society of Travel Agents, Sierra Club and Mountain Travel*Sobek.
Starbucks has shown real leadership by demonstrating how its supply chain can be a powerful tool for conservation and sustainable livelihoods," said Glenn Prickett, senior vice president for Conservation International.
This partnership with Conservation International is imperative to ensure and enhance the economic, social and environmental sustainability of cabruca systems," said Mark Koide, president of Seeds of Change.
Sierra Madre has published more than 20 titles in conjunction with conservation organizations worldwide such as Conservation International, IUCN, World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, and Wildlife Conservation Society.
Our partnership with Conservation International on the wastewater mapping exercise is an example of our continuing commitment to the world's oceans," said Michael Crye, ICCL president.
8, with proceeds going to the work of Conservation International to study the world's biodiversity hotspots.
Contact: Conservation International, 1015 18th Street NW, Washington, DC 20036/(202)429-5660.
vice president of field assessment research and monitoring at Conservation International.
McDonald's is making a difference in the field as well by directly supporting Conservation International projects in South Africa and Mexico that are working to protect important bee habitats.
The long-term health of the coffee economy is dependent on the ecological conditions of the regions where coffee is grown," says Amy Skoczlas of Conservation International, which is partnering with Starbucks to increase the company's procurement of "green" coffee.
Alcoa Foundation and Conservation International (CI-Brasil) are launching a program to support conservation of the biodiversity in one of the richest areas for species -- between the Tapajos and Madeira Rivers, in the West of Para State and the East of Amazonas State, Brazil.
Save Your World(TM) has partnered with Conservation International, a leading environmental organization with conservation programs worldwide that in 2002 signed an innovative agreement to lease 200,000 acres of rainforest located along the upper reaches of Guyana's largest river, the Essequibo.

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