Conservative System

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conservative system

[kən′sər·vəd·iv ′sis·təm]
A system in which there is no dissipation of energy so that the total energy remains constant with time.

Conservative System


a mechanical system in which the law of conservation of mechanical energy is valid—that is, the sum of the kinetic energy T and the potential energy P of the system is constant: T + P = const.

An example of a conservative system is the solar system. Under conditions that exist on earth, where the presence of forces of resistance such as friction and drag, which lead to a loss of mechanical energy and its conversion to other forms of energy (for example, heat), is unavoidable, only a rough approximation of a conservative system is possible. For example, a swinging pendulum may be considered a conservative system if friction in the suspension axis and air resistance are disregarded.

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The case when conservative system (23) has five equilibrium points is studied, and any singular point can be selected as the zero point.
BEIRUT: Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh said Wednesday that Lebanese commercial banks are capable of weathering any financial, political and security risks thanks to the conservative system adopted by these lenders.
The purpose of our paper is to introduce a simple but efficient diagnostic tool that can be used to assess the accuracy and reliability of special class of dynamical system, namely conservative systems.
A conservative system with little room for partisan logics
MATTHEW Gibson, from Billingham, said: "McClaren was probably right to play a conservative system against Newcastle and Liverpool because at the start of the season we'd have taken away draws against both sides.
If you've gone through a more conservative system it tends to leave its imprint.
Though the Swiss are an attack-minded side, I wouldn't be surprised to see their coach set up a more conservative system.
For an example of a somewhat different form of sensitivity, consider (for the sake of being concrete) the following simple conservative system.
The Farrel CP (Compact Processor) combines the continuous mixer with a hot-fed extruder to provide a versatile, sprue conservative system.
Gibson rarely gets a look in under Trapattoni as the manager believes Glenn Whelan, Keith Andrews and now Paul Green have more battling qualities in their arsenal to suit his conservative system.
The federal government "is an inherently conservative system, built to prevent sudden change," explained Chertoff.
But now that they know their roles in his conservative system, will he afford them a smidgen more freedom on the field?