Conservative System

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conservative system

[kən′sər·vəd·iv ′sis·təm]
A system in which there is no dissipation of energy so that the total energy remains constant with time.
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Conservative System


a mechanical system in which the law of conservation of mechanical energy is valid—that is, the sum of the kinetic energy T and the potential energy P of the system is constant: T + P = const.

An example of a conservative system is the solar system. Under conditions that exist on earth, where the presence of forces of resistance such as friction and drag, which lead to a loss of mechanical energy and its conversion to other forms of energy (for example, heat), is unavoidable, only a rough approximation of a conservative system is possible. For example, a swinging pendulum may be considered a conservative system if friction in the suspension axis and air resistance are disregarded.

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The case when conservative system (23) has five equilibrium points is studied, and any singular point can be selected as the zero point.
For the multisensor time-invariant uncertain systems with uncertainties of noise variances, according to the minimax robust estimation principle, based on the worst-case conservative system with conservative upper bound of noise variances, using the ULMV optimal estimation rule and the steady-state Kalman filtering theory, the six robust weighted fusion steady-state Kalman filters have been presented.
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