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California bearing ratio

A ratio used in determining the bearing capacity of a foundation; defined as the ratio of the force per unit area required to penetrate a soil mass with a 3 sq in. (19.4 sq cm) circular piston at the rate of 0.05 in. (1.27 mm) per min to the force required for corresponding penetration of a standard crushed-rock base material; usually determined at a penetration of 0.1 in. (2.54 mm).


(1) (Computer-Based Reference) Reference materials accessible by computer rather than print. For example, this encyclopedia.

(2) (Constant Bit Rate) A uniform transmission rate. For example, real-time voice and video traffic requires a CBR. In ATM, CBR guarantees bandwidth for the peak cell rate of the application.

(3) See case-based reasoning.
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5 (extensions of MPEG-1) layer 1/2/3 (MP3) encoding with support for joint stereo coding for better efficiency and support for the constant bit rate format.
The traffic management co-processor within the SAR supports Constant Bit Rate (CBR) and Variable Bit Rate (VBR) among other bit rates.
PacketTrunk-4's payload processing block implements Constant Bit Rate (CBR) static allocation for circuit emulation, Variable Bit Rate (VBR) dynamic allocation for loop emulation, and HDLC for efficient transfer or termination of frame-based traffic.

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